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How To Change carcolmeta files with a car using one already

[How-To] Change carcol.meta recordsdata with a automotive utilizing one already – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

If you happen to dont know what im speaking about from the title im going to inform you how one can change ambient lighting as seen here. in order you’ll be able to inform im going to make a purple/blue to a purple/purple (for my server)

On to what it’s best to have and what to do.

What must be in your useful resource folder
  1. carcols.meta
  2. carvariations.meta

Now what to do

For the carcols it’s best to discover <id worth="Quantity they put right here"/> and on the backside of the carvariations.meta file <sirenSettings worth="Identical quantity because the put within the carcols file" />

All it’s a must to do is change each of these numbers (In my case it was 65000) to a distinct quantity (my case 21500) then you need to be all set with a distinct carcols and carvariations file.

Your completed! Now spawn it in and have a look at the ambient lighting (Floor lighting) be totally different than the opposite automobile.

Earlier than and After

Earlier than:


If you would like purple/purple or blue/blue textured lighting here’s a youtube video (not by me [Also that video is made for people that has no other car that uses the carcol file])


Authentic supply: https://discussion

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