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[Guide] How to fix: ‘DB driver “ghmattimysql” not initialized yet’ – Server Tutorials


I’m creating this topic, because there is zero to no information around that explains how to fix this situation, where vrp_ghmattimysql isn’t able to start GHMattiMySQL propperly. I spent about 3 months going around the forums for answers. So I hope to help everyone with similar issues. And, to be honest is a quite simple solution.

Follow these steps to the letter, and you’ll hopefully get GHMattiMySQL to work with vRP 1.0.

1. Make sure you have the right vrp_ghmattimysql for your vRP version. The one posted rn on the github will not work, so you’ll have to go back a bit to get the older version of the code, to make it run with vRP 1.0
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2. Make sure GHMattiMySQL is on your resources root folder. For some reason, it won’t work if it’s inside any secondary folder. Maybe there is a reason, but I didn’t look into it to know why.

3. Make sure you’re starting all three scripts in this specific order: GHMattiMySQL > vrp > vrp_ghmattimysql. I’m not 100% sure that if it makes any difference, but it works for me.

4. Also, check if you have configured everything correctly, so the driver can acess your sql database, it won’t work if it’s not able to find nor acess your DB.

I really hope this topic helps you.
GL :smiley:


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