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GTA 5 Scripts

Find the best GTA5 scripts for your FiveM project. We have the best downloads here.


What are GTA5 scripts?

With FiveM, you can develop your own private/public Grand Theft Auto V server with customized scripts. Using this modification, you can create own-hosted GTA servers and mod them (like you know from singleplayer). Most people use FiveM to create their own roleplay projects, like NoPixel or EclipseRP.

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We offer a range of GTA5 scripts for FiveM, altV and rageMP. Here are the best for FiveM.

Create your GTA5 Roleplay server

You are the creator and dreamer - we offer to support people like you to create roleplay servers on FiveM. With OneSync your server can support up to 1024 players. Find out about the best FiveM server hosting!

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Find the best scripts for FiveM right on our shop. We offer full service support and bring the best programs, mods, maps and scripts right to your FiveM server. Check it out!

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