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GTA Roleplay

Real life mod on FiveM

Grand Theft Auto V remains one of the most popular games among gamers all over the world. Los Santos is still visited by a huge number of players on a daily basis. However, many players have long since ceased to enjoy the single-player campaign or the regular online multiplayer mode; instead, they gamble on roleplay on modified servers.

Important: For GTA Roleplay you need a mod that supports any client of Grand Theft Auto V, even FiveM, RageMP or Alt:V.

What is roleplay?

Grand Theft Auto 5 from Rockstar Games is as successful as it was then eight years after its release. Every day a huge number of players visit Los Santos and explore the open world anew. GTA V is also one of the most watched games on Twitch. The Twitch streamers: inside, however, do not play an ordinary GTA, but gamble on roleplay on modified servers. Both the streamers and you have complete freedom with the GTA RP to design the story as you wish. This is exactly what makes GTA RP so attractive.

How to take part?

How do you play GTA RP? With GTA Roleplay you first have to join one of the numerous servers on FiveM. Have you done that, you can create your character. For this you can slip into the role of one of the numerous NPCs in GTA Online and invent your own story for the character. You could e.g. B. as a drug courier to unsafe the streets of Los Santos, as a firefighter rescuing neighbors’ cats from the tree or as a taxi driver: to transport other players from A to B inside. As long as your character fits into the GTA universe, there are no limits to you. In the course of the game, your character, the story and the relationships with the other players will develop further and further, so that there should be no boredom. It is important to note that while playing you always stay in your character and behave as it would behave.

Install FiveM

As soon as you have installed FiveM on your computer, you can join one of the servers. Before you can do that, however, you usually have to read and accept the server rules. There are usually rules such as “Do not use unnecessary force” or “Always stay in your role”. In roleplay, so-called grievers are by no means desired inside, as they would probably rob everyone involved of any game fun. If you have agreed to the rules, you sometimes have to fill out an application in order to be able to join. You can only gamble on your desired server after approval by an admin.

Get whitelisted on a server

To play GTA Roleplay, choose a server you’d like, read their rules and apply for joining. There are also servers you can join without any application process, but be careful: Those servers are mostly not recommended because people can break rules easily and do not have to take any effort to join.

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Frequently asked questions

Ever wanted to play a role you never could? Now you can. With the mod it’s possible to play anything you like. It is really amazing to be able to play as cop (for example)!

No. Roleplay mods are only available on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Download FiveM to start.

To create an own GTA Roleplay server, you need to follow some steps. Check out our tutorial on that.

Download GTA Roleplay mods

To download mods for GTA Roleplay servers, the most easy way to do so is to follow those links:

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