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Free Punjabi Kisan Farmers Livery for Maibatsu Mule

Free – Punjabi Kisan / Farmers Livery for Maibatsu Mule – SKIN – Releases


Free Livery.
Real life liveries and textures for MULE6 – Regarding the Farmers Protest in India. I stand with the farmers.
Vehicle model: (this is needed)

(The original vehicle model is provided by ilayarye, I give full credits of model making of the vehicle to ilayarye. I just made this livery/skin)

Farmers related livery created by GTASPEEDGUY for the Mule Mapped Edition from ilayarye.
Farmers / Kisan Ekta Zindabad, I stand with farmers. This livery was made in support of the Farmers in Indian peacefully protesting against three bills that government passed back in September that can potentially kill the livelihood of farmers because the government sale market of yielded crop will be removed thus leaving the farmers to sell their crops to private companies which can without any consequences to pay as little as possible for the crops grown by the farmers. And especially in response to the national Indian government labeling these farmers as terrorists for peacefully protesting, which was done give the peaceful protests negative press and a negative name worldwide.

PLEASE if you use this skin, I please ask that you credit me for the livery, and give credit to the @dkenimsaj on Instagram for the artwork.
DO NOT EDIT THIS LIVERY/FILE WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ME. ( however feel free to make a livery with the template, ilayarye provided)

How to install

  1. Download the vehicle model from ilayarye and follow instructions in that download to add it
  2. Open OPENIV
  3. Click File then open folder
  4. Go here –> resources[vehicles]mule6stream
  5. Open steam folder, you will see mule6.ytd and mule7.ytd (I just used mule6.ytd)
  6. Enable edit mode in OPENIV
  7. Open mule6.ytd
  8. NOW replace or add “mule_sign_11”
  9. SAVE IT
  10. START MULE6 on the server
  11. spawn in server using any mod menu, then use the mod menu to find the livery!
    NO BUGS AS OF YET (2.1 MB)


Original source:

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