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FREE Gvz koka Cocaine Script Releases

[FREE] Gvz-koka ( Cocaine Script ) – Releases


What Is This Script? : Is The Cocaine Profession You Can Use For Your Server

Installation: Read the file you uploaded from GitHub in sql from the sql folder as disc or esx according to whichever you have. Then throw it to the resources folder and start from server.cfg.

?????? ????????:

The script works with 0.1 ms

You produce and sell cocaine gradually by doing the actions in the video.

You must have a “paper” item in your inventory to wrap and sell cocaine

Note : If you are using esx or disc in the sql file, take action accordingly

You need to install the scripts below

Showcase: gvz-koko

DOWNLOAD : GitHub – G3VEZE/gvz-koka


Original source:

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