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FREE ESX Robbable Cash Registers Releases

[FREE] ESX Robbable Money-Registers – Releases


Hello everyone, N-U-B here been lurking around the community for awhile slowly learning and offering help to those who are learning as much as possible, Recently had a friend ask me about making a script for Robbable Cash Registers And so i made one that I’d like to release for anyone that may want to use it.

TRP Robbable cash-registers
Is a lightweight easy to use easy to add to esx resource
Basically the idea is simple, it draws a 3D text on the coordinates of some certain cash-registers in game That 3D text is hidden behind a IsControl Function currently set for [Left-Alt] So when you walk up to a cash register and hold down the key Left-Alt the 3D text will appear when in range and you need an Advanced Lock Pick to be able to rob the cash-register for an amount between 300-800
There is a cool-down for 5 minutes between each location

Here’s a video.

Right here’s the Obtain.

This script is super-easy to make use of and to arrange new places all you have to do is copy and paste one of many current Money-register features on the shopper aspect and alter the X Y Z coordinates to these of different Money registers


Unique supply: https://discussion

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