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Toasty Notification


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Toasty is a sleek and clean looking, customizable notifications system. It comes with a dark and a light mode and 4 beautiful presets for each one.


With Toasty you can:

  • Set your notification’s title and message;
  • Change animation properties (easing style, how long it should take for your notifications to slide in, and how long they should stay shown);
  • Choose between a dark or a light theme;
  • Choose between 4 preset types (error, info, success and warning);
  • Add custom presets with custom colors;
  • Remove or change the icon shown in your notifications;
  • Disable or change the sound effect

Toasty is completely responsive and notifications scale according to the player’s resolution, so they will never look too big on lower resolutions nor too small on bigger ones.

Configuration and customization

Information about configuring and customizing notifications can be found in the README file Toasty comes with.

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