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This is a complete billing system with a beautiful et user-friendly interface.

[How it works]

When you type ‘/invoices’ a menu pops up, allowing you to see your invoicesyour society invoices et send a invoice to a player.

In the config file you are able to set:

  • The command that allows players to open the billing menu;
  • The VAT % of the invoices (visual only, it won’t influence the final invoice value);
  • If you want to have a deadline for players to pay their invoices;
  • How many days players have to pay their invoices if the deadline option is set to true;
  • Whether you want the system to automatically pay the invoices after the deadline expires;
  • If you want there to be a daily fee after each day a invoice isn’t paid;
  • The daily fee percentage;
  • If only the boss will be able to see the society invoices;
  • The societies that can send invoices to players.

It includes Discord logs such as:

  • When a invoice in sent to a player;
  • When someone pays/cancels a invoice;
  • When a invoice is automatically paid by the system.

Additional informations:

  • The notes field (when you’re sending a invoice to a player) is not mandatory. If you don’t write anything it will write by itself “Nothing to add”;
  • The invoice is always sent to the nearest player;
  • On the “My Invoices” section, the unpaid invoices will always appear on the top of the list;
  • When a player pays a invoice or it is automatically paid by the system, the money is instantly added to the society account;
  • The script verifies the offline players when the automatic payment event is executed.

It comes with a complete tutorial on how to use it.

Notifications not included.

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