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Hey guys,

and welcome to myCardealer. With this script I want to present my solution for a cool roleplay cardealer.


  • You can set up to four vehicle showrooms to exhibit the vehicles, which are for sale.
  • The player can open a menu at each showroom and can have a look at the configurable vehicles
    → Performance
    → Maximum speed
    → Speedup 0-100
    → Amount of modifications
    → Fuel capacity
  • As a cardealer you are also able to change the color of the vehicle and to spawn it for a test-drive
  • The cardealer can’t sell an infinite amount of vehicles. Before a vehicle can be sold, it have to be ordered. More information below.
  • All normal job features are included like a Wardrobe, a Boss menu, and of course a Ring to get the cardealers attention, when he isn’t at the shop.
  • Of course you can add every vehicle you want to the shop!

How to order a new vehicle?

  • First of all you have to go to the Computer at the cardealer and select the vehicle you want to sell
  • Then press “Manufacture this vehicle”. This will take a certain amount of time (configured in the database).
  • When this time is over, your vehicle is ready for the delivery to your shop.
  • After pressing the “Bring car to the dealership” button your vehicle will arrive at 6 pm at your cardealer.
  • Now you are able to sell this vehicle!
  • You can always check the current state at the computer


As always the script comes with a language configuration, so you can set up this script in any language you want. English and German configuration is already there.

And of course the script is not excrypted. It is free to edit!

Dépendances :

  • ESX
  • NativeUI

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