Paleto Bay MC
MC Clubhouse Paleto (Style SoA)
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MC Clubhouse Paleto (Style SoA)


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This is a total upgrade for you biker crews out there who wants the best and most detailed, custom mc club interior. it’s made for biker gangs or just a bag/hangout for people interested in motorcycles.

this one is totally inspired by the series of ”Sons of Anarchy”

It has the same floorplan, but without any personal emblems.

This is a diamond shining up Paleto Bay.


The floorplan is inspired by ”SoA” but there are no logos or branding etc that can be related to any clubs, so that is for you to change to your own club emblem.


This contains sofas, pool table, bar, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, and of course the ”Chapel” which has an engraved wooden 1% table.


Located at the Morris And Sons warehouse in Paleto Bay.

This conflicts with the “MC Club Paleto | Silver Tier [MLO]” I created before, as it’s the same building.


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