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It has 1 floor, some waiting areas, 1 little police station, toilets for female & male, a 24/7 store, a clothing store, a bank and 4 offices

How to Install:

1. Get the data out of the WinRAR File.
2. Put it into your FiveM resources folder.
3. Edit the server.cfg and type “start airport”
4. Restart your server and it should be there!

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me 🙂

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4 avis pour Airport

  1. Zeus Stuff


  2. Maximilian Dirnbauer

    Good quality.

  3. christian vom Hofe (client confirmé)

    Good Map, but can you help me when a new Player Joins the Server they have to Spawn in the Airport and cant get out from it?
    Thank You

  4. jamieweston2004 (client confirmé)

    I can walk thru the fist doorsbut second one dose not open I have attached some pics on what I’m talking about feels like there is a little something missing ? I have left a ticket over 10 days ago with still no response? can someone please help out 🙂 thank you

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