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Do you need FiveM support? Not everything always goes as expected. Problems, bugs occur and frustration begins. But where there’s a mistake, there’s a solution! Sometimes you also need support from other people who may have a little more experience in the matter. On this webpage you will find all the necessary information on how to get help and get your problem solved. We will give you the most important overview of where to go if you need FiveM support.

If you bought on our site esx-scripts, we offer a free FiveM support for your server.
Whether you need to install new scripts, got errors on your project or have regular questions, we are there to help you to give you a full support.


FiveM is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V. It’s all about roleplay and it can be installed on any PC version of GTA5, including the latest game from Rockstar Games.

Downloading FiveM

First things first, you’ll need to download the FiveM server files from our Downloads page.

Once they’re downloaded, you should have a folder with the name of your server. This is where all of our files will be stored when we’re done installing them!

Installing GTA5

You’ll need a decent amount of space on your hard drive to install GTA5. Make sure you have enough room before downloading the game.

GTA5 is available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 – but we need the PC version.

Can’t join a server?

  • Check that your GTA V is updated.

  • Check that FiveM is updated.

  • Make sure you’re not blocking FiveM with your anti-virus software (if you have any).

Bad frame rates (FPS)

  • If the FPS are too low, try to limit the amount of players on the server by using a smaller map.

  • If the FPS are still too low, try to limit the amount of vehicles on the server by deleting vehicles that aren’t used in your session.

  • If you need more props or lights, use higher settings and/or increase their density in settings.

  • You can also try limiting sounds if they cause issues:

  • Turn down music volume in settings > music volume;

  • Turn off bullet impact sounds (settings > Audio);

  • Turn off vehicle engine noise (settings > Audio);

  • Disable car horn honking (settings > Audio).

How to record your game with Fraps

  • Download Fraps from the following link:

  • Install Fraps on your computer, by double clicking the .exe file you downloaded and following the instructions that appear

  • Open FiveM and start recording your game with Fraps by pressing F9 (Note: You can use ALT+F9 as well if you want a higher quality video)

  • Stop recording at any time by pressing F9 again or ALT+F9, whichever one you used to start recording in step 3 above

Can’t join a server?

If you’re having trouble joining a server, try the following steps:

  • Change the port. By default, FiveM uses port 30120. You can change this by going to your FiveM settings and click “IP” on the menu bar. From there, click on “port”. Then type in any number you want from 1-65535; just make sure it’s not already being used by another application. After that, type in a name for your own server (if applicable) and hit save!

  • Change servers altogether. Sometimes servers have been banned or shut down due to reasons such as child pornography or other illegal content being hosted on them; therefore they cannot be joined by anyone else either! If you’re having difficulty joining any server at all, try finding a different one with less traffic but also consider why others may not be able to join as well before making any decisions about leaving yourself behind simply because nobody else is around right now–you might just find yourself somewhere else later on which could ultimately lead into something great happening down the line!

  • Use different ports on different IPs with unique names attached so that people aren’t confused about who owns what domain name unless otherwise stated explicitly beforehand such as in their privacy policy page clearly stating how information is collected from visitors before sending out requests directly from each user’s browser rather than relying solely upon cookies which are typically used only when collecting anonymous data based upon individual preferences instead of actual demographic information like age range or gender identity …


FiveM is a great mod for GTA5 and it’s easy to use. The only thing you have to do is download it from the website, install it and join a server that’s running FiveM. You can also record your gameplay with Fraps if that’s what you want to do. If something doesn’t work or if there are any problems with your game then you can always contact us at FiveM support

🎫 Our ticket system

If you have any questions regarding a purchase, contact us via the ticket system on your user dashboard.
You’ll find it right here on this link.
Please include your “Order ID” and your problem (error log) to the ticket.
You will receive an e-mail once the vendor has responded to your issue.

📧 FiveM Support via E-Mail

If you do not come to a solution with the vendor, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

You can always contact us via live chat or support-email if you need any help. We will give advices on your server and support your project through the whole process. It’s important to have a good support on your server and we guarantee 100% help from one of our team members, because we always give one hundred percent.

FiveM Development Service

Are you looking for a FiveM Developer? Our FiveM Development Service helps you to customize and code your server.

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Satisfaction guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee is included in all purchases.

If a script does not work on your server and our FiveM support can’t help you further, we provide a full refund or credits for our shop.

Famous and popular FiveM servers trust on our services. We are proud to make servers even better and keep updating FiveM mods offering on our store. We have talked to a lot of customers and got rating and reviews of our store.

If you want to take usage of this service, e-mail us at [email protected]


System requirements


Windows 10


  • CPU Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz
  • GPU NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD 7870 2GB
  • RAM 16GB
  • HDD 72GB + 8GB

Windows 8.1


  • CPU Intel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.40GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 @ 2.5GHz
  • GPU NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB / Intel HD GT2
  • RAM 8GB (4 may work)
  • HDD 72GB + ~4GB

No! The client does not interact with the Rockstar Online Services other than to validate your game copy the first time you launch it. This validation emulates the game’s interaction, and can not be detected by Rockstar.
FiveM also doesn’t modify your game files at all, even when downloading server assets, so you don’t have to do anything to switch between FiveM and GTA:O.

Nearly everything. This mod is famous for using to create roleplay servers. Roleplaying is a gamemode to impersonate a virtual character, for example to play as a police officer or gangster. If you know roleplay streams on Twitch then you can be sure that those streamers play on a server using this modification software.

As a player: Yes. But you have to own a legal copy of the game “Grand Theft Auto V” for PC (Retail/Rockstar Launcher/Steam). Cracked versions will not work so don’t try it! If you want to host your own server, it costs money.

Those are plugins to use for speaking to other players ingame. You can call, phone or use a radio ingame to communicate with other players just like you know from GTA Online!

NoPixel is a roleplay server which you probably want to join. But creating an own NoPixel-style server was never as easy as it is now with ESX-Scripts! Check out the NP scripts here.

We know it is quite frustrating to get new players, as there are many servers out there. But we got one special hint for you: Try out our new marketing service here to get your server even fuller than it already is!

  • A mode allowing (up to) 1024 players at this time. We have only tested 600-ish in load tests since we couldn’t get any more players, but it held up quite well in the end (on a server with minimal resources)
  • To accomplish this, it uses the following technological changes:
    • Removal of population to save object ID pool space. You can still create (some) synced/networked peds using script, however.
    • Player ped/vehicle culling. No entities will be created on clients outside a ‘focus zone’, which currently is hardcoded to 300 units around a player. We’re still looking for a better algorithm.
    • Player culling. No players will be created/deleted locally outside of the focus zone too. This means that all player iteration will have to happen server-side.
  • It also has a bit better performance than ‘plain’ OneSync at this time due to player ped culling, and works around the so-called ‘head blend bug’.

Yes. The game offers a free anticheat and secures most servers. It can be exploited so we recommend using an anticheat for your server.

Rockstar Games does tolerate FiveM, as long as it is required to buy the game. Therefore it is legal to play roleplay and it even generates a lot of sales to GTA!

The FiveM whitelist on a roleplay server is a procedure that allows only certain players to join the game, which means that only players who are on this whitelist are allowed to join the server. The reason for this system is to prevent fail RP situations, griefing or rule breaking. If you are a FiveM server owner, there are two ways to make your server public: private with a FiveM whitelist, or leave the whitelist disabled to let anyone join.

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  • Advices on planning your server
  • web- and forum designing
  • Creating whole server
  • all server processes

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