FiveM: How to delete cache

If you have problems with your FiveM client, you can delete the FiveM cache. Most of the time this helps with unexpected problems on a GTA RP server. Often changes have already been made on the RP server that are not yet available inside your local FiveM cache. If these two “images” of the game collide, problems arise. These have an effect, among other things, in de-sync bugs, or even in the fact that certain functions cannot be used.

Delete your game-cache once or twice a week, at least.

And here’s a short tutorial on how to do it:

  1. Go to the location, where your FiveM shortcut is
  2. Rightclick the FiveM icon
  3. Click on “Open file path”
  4. Click on “FiveM Application Data”
  5. Go to “data” and delete everything inside this folder.
  6. Empty your trash bin right after it.

Right after those steps, you can start FiveM again. FiveM will ask you if it can create the contents of the cache folder. You agree on this. The local cache will now be refilled. As soon as you connect to the RP server, all files will also be downloaded again here. So you get the current status of the server and no longer have FiveM problems that were due to the old cache. Have fun playing!


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  2. dusanbajic14

    very helpful guide, thank you guys again!

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