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FiveM Android/iOS App download

FiveM is a multiplayer modification for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM Android). It allows to play on own private servers and gives the possibility to create custom worlds with roleplay, for example. Players are hoping to see the multiplayer on Android soon, but is this realistic to expect? We can give […]

Nopixel Application

NoPixel application – how to apply for NoPixel RP Server

Need help on your Nopixel application? Today we will show you how to apply for NoPixel roleplay server and answer your commonly-asked questions. You are looking for a way to apply? No worries, we give you the tips. The best way to apply for the server is to do that directly over their website/page, but […]

Paypal AUP

PayPal takes money as damages after limitation

“Payment to: Paypal; PayPal’s damages caused by Acceptable Use Policy violation.” The AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) of PayPal payment company are “rules” that tell you what you’re allowed to buy/sell – and what you are prohibited to. PayPal is allowed to change them at any time. The problem about this is in the User Agreement […]

nopixel banned

NoPixel (koil) banni de PayPal

The owner koil, from Nopixel, has been permanently limited and banned from PayPal because of copyright infringement content he sells on his page – legal actions might have been taken against him by Rockstar Games / Take Two Interactive Software. Nopixel is one of the biggest FiveM servers since years. Players that wanted to […]

Scénarios FiveM Heist

FiveM heist scripts Today we present you some our best FiveM heist scripts for FiveM. What is a roleplay server without robbery or a heist? Nothing! You need a good crime RP, and here are good scripts for your heist robbery roleplay. Make some robberies ingame and try to replay the GTA Online Heists on […]


gcPhone pour SaltyChat (Comment/Tutoriel)

GcPhone is working with mumble, Tokovoip, and if you set it up correctly, it can also work with SaltyChat! We show you how to install saltychat for gcphone. Tutorial for gcPhone with Saltychat Download gcPhone for your FiveM server Open the client.lua and remove the TokoVoip / Mumble lines Then, afterwards, open the server.lua and […]

Logo NoPixel

How to create a server like NoPixel (Tutorial)

Hey folks! In this tutorial we will explain on how to create a server similar to NoPixel!NoPixel is using FiveM, a third-party program to modify Grand Theft Auto V. In this tutorial, we use one of our finished preset-server you can use for Plug&Play, feel free to use any other server setup. First of all, […]

FiveM server success

5 things that make your FiveM server succesful

Hi there! Running a FiveM server can be quite hard – or even frustrating sometimes. 90% of the servers fail because they did not focus on the main things they should focus on. We will show you how to run a succesful FiveM server. Community matters Listen to your player base – but dont make […]

Libérer les communiqués de signe de l'aérodrome de Sandy Shores

[Version] Signe de l'aérodrome de Sandy Shores – Communiqués

[ad_1] Signe de l'aérodrome de Sandy ShoresVeuillez ne pas vous attribuer le mérite de la publication sauf si vous en avez la permission. Propriété d'Alliance Development Le téléchargement ci-dessous comprend un panneau indiquant l'aérodrome de Sandy qui brille également la nuit. Il s'agit de mon premier travail sur 3ds max, donc pardonnez la moins qu'excellente qualité. Les images ci-dessous sont d'un courant […]

Liste des serveurs FiveM

How to make your FiveM server popular

Hey, in this post we will give you some tips to populize your FiveM server – and get more players. It is mandatory to build a playerbase, and it can be hard and frustrating to start. There are different ways to advertise and gain popularity. There are many popular FiveM servers – and a lot […]

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