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FIX – Server not showing up in List – Server Tutorials


So lately i have seen people having trouble with having their server not showing up in the Server List.
Here are some fixes that worked for me or for other people.

  • Port forward ports 30110 and 30120 TCP/UDP or ports you are using for your server in your firewall or router

  • Sometimes ESX tells you in the Server CMD that mapmanager and spawnmanager, Do not remove these from your server.cfg and server leave them as they should be

  • Do not uncomment #sv_master1 โ€œโ€ in your server.cfg. If its not in your server.cfg then add it.

  • Update your serverโ€™s FiveM artifacts version.

  • Try to restart your VPS/Dedicated server or computer that the server is hosted on.

  • put sv_listingIPOverride โ€œXXX.XXX.XXX.XXXโ€ in your server.cfg (replace the Xโ€™s with your IP)

If there are more then put them down below.

Artifacts website:


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