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[FIX] Fixing Lights on Emregency autos – Server Tutorials



Whats up Boards,

My title is Serena and I’m right here to assist with fixing YOUR Emergency Lights this may both be as a result of they’re actually DIM or they’re in all places and damaged.


That is an actually badly damaged gentle system so methods to repair this? I personally have had little damaged lights in my server how-ever generally a automobile will break if you add TO MUCH gentle to the server this may be by including new autos or changing autos.

Fixing Course of

The fixing course of doesn’t take to lengthy however you simply have to know what you’re doing. Which for some that do NOT code will be laborious to do. So let’s get within the 2 Sections that we’ll be overlaying. Dim lights (Barely to no glow) & Damaged Lights (They don’t seem to be on locations purported to be).

Dim Lights

Dim lights are a simple situation to repair you’ll be able to set up any visible pack or perhaps a server sided visible pack. I personally at all times had ran a shopper facet visible pack as a result of if the way in which I play GTA however you’ll be able to put it in your server to! Right here is the code to make YOUR lights brighter in your server.

visualsettings.dat 180.00
automobile.headlight.night time.emissive.on 105.00 0.000
automobile.headlight.night 0.000 200.0
automobile.taillight.night time.emissive.on 150.0 0.00
automobile.taillight.night 0.000 250.00
automobile.indicator.night time.emissive.on 220.00 0.00
automobile.indicator.night 0.000 35.00
automobile.reversinglight.night time.emissive.on 15.00 0.000
automobile.reversinglight.night 0.000 2300.00
automobile.defaultlight.night time.emissive.on 1500.00 0.00
automobile.defaultlight.night 0.000 240.00
automobile.brakelight.night time.emissive.on 180.00 0.00
automobile.brakelight.night 0.000 210.00
automobile.middlebrakelight.night time.emissive.on 160.00 0.00
automobile.middlebrakelight.night 0.000 350.00
automobile.extralight.night time.emissive.on 160.00 0.000
automobile.extralight.night 0.00
automobile.emissiveMultiplier 2.00


operate stringsplit(inputstr, sep)

if sep == nil then

    sep = "%s"


native t={} ; i=1

for str in string.gmatch(inputstr, "([^"..sep.."]+)") do

    t[i] = str

    i = i + 1


return t


native operate starts_with(str, begin)

return str:sub(1, #begin) == begin



native settingsFile = LoadResourceFile(GetCurrentResourceName(), "visualsettings.dat")

native strains = stringsplit(settingsFile, "n")

for okay,v in ipairs(strains) do

    if not starts_with(v, '#') and never starts_with(v, '//') and (v ~= "" or v ~= " ") and #v > 1 then

        v = v:gsub("%s+", " ")

        native setting = stringsplit(v, " ")

        if setting[1] ~= nil and setting[2] ~= nil and tonumber(setting[2]) ~= nil then

            if setting[1] ~= 'climate.CycleDuration' then   

                Citizen.InvokeNative(GetHashKey('SET_VISUAL_SETTING_FLOAT') & 0xFFFFFFFF, setting[1], tonumber(setting[2])+.0)






useful resource.lua

information {



client_script ‘shopper.lua’

So in the event you make a folder referred to as visuals in your sources folder then add it to the server.cfg it’s going to load and your lights shall be brighter!

Automobiles Damaged

Damaged Lights are a typical situation when putting in LEO packs or EMS or any gentle pack that you would be able to suppose off. Generally the codes of those ligths might intervene with othes and they also will break as a result of 1 gentle takes precedence over the opposite. How this works in an entire I’m not sure about… However here’s a fast information.

  1. You open the folder of the automobile that has damaged lights.
  2. You open each the carcols.meta & carvariations.meta Information.
  • We are going to clarify each information in it’s personal part.
  1. You search for the automobile that has the damaged lights.
  2. You find this line <id worth="2101"/> it at all times consists of a quantity.
  3. You alter this quantity to a random 6 string line. It will appear like <id worth="923478"/> for instance. DO NOT Repeat already used numbers <id worth="425133"/> Is invalid.
  4. Save he file and go to carvariations
  1. You search for the automobile like earlier than.
  2. You find this hyperlink <sirenSettings worth="2101"/> of the automobile that has the damaged lights.
  3. You alter the quantity within the sirenSettings worth to be the identical as within the carcols.meta
  4. Save the file and restart the useful resource.

When you did all steps accurately and restart the useful resource it could be fastened if it didn’t chances are you’ll strive once more. For more information seek advice from under.

Different Particulars

It might take a couple of tries for the ligths to accurately fall in place once more. I do NOT know why that is. All I do know is that it generally might occur. Simply restarting the useful resource is sufficient there isn’t a want for a full server restart. There have solely been 2 autos I needed to take away because of it not wanting to repair.

Personally to view all these information I exploit Visual Studio Code. A great various is Notepad++


That is WIP and shall be launched quickly!

I cannot keep in mind who made this pack please contact me if you’re the creator and I’ll credit score you!


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