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FiveM Texture/Graphic bugs? This might help!

Are you struggling with missing textures, invisible roads, or poor graphics quality? Then you can probably solve these problems with the following steps!

  • Delete your cache folder from FiveM. To do this, go to the FiveM folder, Application Data, and completely delete the contents of the โ€œcacheโ€ folder.
  • Make sure to always start FiveM fresh – that means: Don’t go to a server, go back to the main menu and back to the server. It always starts from scratch.
  • In the settings, set the texture quality to โ€œmediumโ€ or โ€œhighโ€, and not to โ€œvery highโ€.
  • Make sure that FiveM (and Grand Theft Auto V) are in their original condition. That means: Uninstall any mods that you might think are causing the problem!
  • a lot of cars / citizens in one place can lead to crashes or these graphics problems!
  • In general, it should be ensured that no other graphic mods are installed!

Conclusion: Make sure your HDD and CPU are also fast enough – and that your FiveM/GTA:V is originally – and not modded!

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