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We present: The top 5 most popular FiveM servers

The GTA 5 modification called “FiveM” is popular on Twitch. Most FiveM servers are roleplay servers, which enable players to slip into a role of criminals or police officers. On this page you’ll find a collection of the most popular servers on the FiveM platform!

We present you the best GTA RP servers so you’ll not have to look around any longer and save a lot of time!

#1: Nopixel (ENG)

One of the first and most popular FiveM servers is called Nopixel roleplay.
The server is whitelist only and has also public servers. You can register on their forums and join the game.

Many streamers like AbdulHD, Kyle or GTAWiseguy play on this server.

Recently, koil/Nopixel has been banned by PayPal due to copyright violation. Read more about it here.

Also, we cannot recommend the server due to scam alerts of streamers and other ex-players.

Go to the website of Nopixel server

Click here if you want to create a server like nopixel

NoPixel logo
Five RP Website

#2: FiveRP (German)

FiveRP is one of the largest german FiveM servers for Germany. The community of FiveRP has a good reputation and offers a lot of fun to new players. The server is unique and built on a custom framework called Qbus/QBCore and offers a premium whitelist (which is optional) to be processed faster on their page.

There are a couple of rumors that FiveRP will launch a global/english server in the future.

Go to the website of FiveRP

#3: EclipseRP (ENG)

EclipseRP (or full: Eclipse Roleplay) is an english FiveM RP server which offers an online-store to buy digital goods for the roleplay experience.

The server provides advances features, an active support staff and a good amount of events.

Go to the website of EclipseRP

Eclipse Roleplay
TheFamily RP

#4: TheFamilyRP (ENG)

TheFamilyRP server is focused on high quality / hardcore roleplay.

The server was launched on December 16th, 2017 – which means its been some days and they are experienced on roleplay. The server was rebranded as “Beacon RP”.

Go to the website of The Family RP

#5: GTA World (ENG)

GTA World is a roleplay server with a lot of features and updates.

It was created with the main goal of fun, realistic and fun-dynamical roleplay experience. The server has no Pay2Win features and runs on the RageMP platform (not FiveM). This server also has a user control panel system.

Go to the website of GTA World

gta world

#6: Immortal Roleplay (German)

Immortal Roleplay server is one of the biggest and most famous servers of Germany. It is run by the Immortal team and big german streamers called Knossi, Montana Black or Rohat play on this server live on twitch.

Immortal Roleplay was founded in early 2019 and has a team of 30 men / women. To date, this team has whitelisted over 4,300 people. At the moment, around 300 citizens play during prime time on the server, which provides up to 1024 slots. The proportion of streamers is relatively high, which is why it is also important to us and them not to offer any other players a platform who actively want to disrupt the RP of the streamers, just to get their attention. Immortal Roleplay is known to be the home of many great streamers, such as Montanablack88, MckyTV, xRohat, Real_Bazzi, SpartaTheOriginal and many many more. But also the citizens: inside who do not stream the played RP, are an important part of the whole and are supported in the same way as everyone else. The Immortal team attaches great importance to the community and is happy to answer any problems, suggestions or questions.

Go to the website of Immortal Roleplay

Immortal Roleplay

Important Roleplay terms/definitions

For the start, it is important to know about some words for roleplayers! There are a lot of slang-terms that are being used (which may sound awkward first) but they are really important to know about:

  • RP: Role-Play
  • FailRP: doing something that isn’t realistic or doesn’t fit to the roleplay at all
  • PowerRP: forcing other players to go into a specific situation and don’t give them any room for maneuver.
  • OOC: out of character (speaking as your real me)
  • LOOC: local out of character
  • IC: in character (acting as your ingame character)
  • CK: character kill (if your character dies)
  • PK: player kill (if a player is killed)
  • ERP: erotic roleplay
  • RDM: random deathmatch (which is forbidden)

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