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Reshade FiveM

Graphic/Shader mod for the FiveM client 

Reshade FiveM is a modification for changing the light and effects for the game. It offers a variety of ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, a realistic color correction and more. You can use presets and change the look of the game to your liking.

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The mod is open source and works out of the box. Just copy the files to your game folder and start right away.

ReShade has its own shading programming language and compiler, called ReShade FX. The syntax is based on HLSL and adds useful features for post-processing effects development: define and use textures directly from the shader code, render to them, change render states, retrieve color and depth data, query custom values like timers or key states, …

And that’s not everything: Write your shaders only once and they will work in any game, whether your target is Direct3D or OpenGL: ReShade takes care of compiling them into the right shader model and language (HLSL, GLSL or SPIR-V).

Reshade FiveM

Windows: Every version from 7 onwards are supported. DirectX End-User Runtimes must be installed.
 Some users reported issues with other versions than windows 10, so this one is highly recommended.
Linux: Seems like ReShade is supported on linux thanks to a recent DXVK update for Wine.
 Make sure you have a Vulkan-compatible GPU.
Mac: ReShade is currently not supported on iOS systems. No updates are planned for that.

About API

File Attachment:

  – OpenGL – Vulkan – Direct3D 9 – 10 / 11 / 12. Which one?
During Reshade installation, the setup tool will ask you which rendering API is used by the game.
The setup will try to automatically recognize it and will try to place a check in the box considered the right one.

The automatic identification may still not be correct, thus It is recommended to search online which API the game uses.
You can either check in the ReShade Compatibility List in the “Games” section on top of the page, or by searching the game in the API section of the PC Gaming Wiki.

  – Missing DirectX 8 / 12 – Vulkan options
Experimental DirectX 12 and Vulkan support was introduced respectively in Reshade 4.3.0 and 4.4.0.
If these options are missing in your setup tool, you’re using a previous version. Download the updated version from

About DirectX 8 games, you’ll need crosire’s d3d8to9 tool, which you can find in the “Releases” section, on the top of the page.
Download the d3d8.dll, place it in your game folder (where the game .exe is located) and proceed to install Reshade by picking the “Direct3D 9” option.

  – How to install Reshade on even older games?   (Not confirmed yet)
There are some APIs used by older games that need to be converted into ones that Reshade can read, since there is no way to install Reshade directly in those games.
The API we’re talking about are:  DirectX (1 to 7)DirectDraw and Glide.
The most common wrapper used to make Reshade compatible with these libraries are DXGL and dgVoodoo2 .
They both should do the job. While DXGL seems to be more efficient, dgVoodoo2 is the only one compatible with Glide APIs.

The installation procedure is the same: You need to install DXGL / dgVoodoo2 before installing Reshade.
Remember that DXGL converts older APIs into OpenGL, while dgVoodoo2 converts them into DirectX 11. So:
DXGL = Choose OpenGL during Reshade installation
dgVoodoo2 = Choose Direct3D 10+ during Reshade installation
(Based on acknowledge‘s suggestion)

Be aware!
Using this method to apply Reshade into older games might lead to visual / techincal issues, which can affect the integrity of your games.
More about it:

Warning: Spoiler!

Full JBeckman response:…again?start=20#35005

Reshade FiveM not working
If ReShade does not run when you launch your game, it hasn’t been installed properly.
Make sure you selected the right game executable, as well as its correct API.
Read the information mentioned above about requirements and APIs, and ensure everything is okay.

Crash on startup
  – Reshade setup tool has stopped working
From reshade 4.4, the setup tool was updated to .NET Framework 4.8
You need to download the latest .NET Framework version in order to make the setup tool work.

  – The game crashes after its launch
There are several reasons that can lead into a crash. First, make sure your ReShade version is up to date.
Take note that any third party software, like MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner, can conflict with ReShade, so try to disable them.
If the game uses DirectX 11, try renaming every  “dxgi”  file to  “d3d11”.

Some Anti-Cheat system could detect ReShade as an untrusted software. It often happens when a new ReShade version is released, waiting to be whitelisted. If so, you have to install an older version or, at worst, uninstall ReShade completely.

Unable to download archive
It happens when the setup tool fails to download the standard shaders repository. You can download it by yourself from the official GitHub Repository and place the  “Shaders”  and  “Textures”  folder in your ReShade folder, located in your game path.

Reshade detected as virus
Sometimes ReShade can be identified as a False Positive by some antivirus (typically those using Heuristic Analysis) or even by other protection systems, like Windows Defender or Browsers’ anti malwares. Like anti-cheats, also security softwares have to whitelist newest ReShade versions, so it’s common to have this problem when a new update is released.
(Based on Wicked Sick‘s suggestion)

Automatic way: Launch the setup tool and select your game executable. After choosing the API, the setup will ask you to overwrite or uninstall ReShade for that game: click No and you’re done.
Manual way: Navigate through your game directory and reach the location of your game executable. You’ll find .ini files (ReShade.ini – Preset.ini), .dll files (d3d9.dll / d3d10.dll / d3d11.dll / dxgi.dll / opengl32.dll, depending on the game API) and a “reshade-shaders” folder. Select and delete them all.

Reshade FAQ

Any game is supported. You can also use FiveM with Reshade.

Technically yes – but we recommend not using this mod for GTA Online.

Why? Because it can lead to your account being suspended / banned. In GTA:O mods are not allowed by Rockstar Games! So dont use this GTA 5 graphics mod on the standard online mode.

Click here to download Reshade for FiveM.

Check out the official website of the mod:

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