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Naturalvision evolved (NVe)

The best FiveM and GTA 5 graphics mod

Naturalvision Evolved is the famous graphic mod for FiveM. As video games become outdated, also in terms of graphics, it is a good thing that modders create resources to enhance graphical environment. This mod, called “Naturalvision Evolved”, also called NVe, is improving the graphics of GTA enormously!

The mod supports any client of Grand Theft Auto V, even FiveM, RageMP or Alt:V.

The mod is exclusively for the mod-creators patreon members, which means that Naturalvision is not free.

Newest version: October 31st / November 2nd / November 5th

Price: 15 $ support on Patreon

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Naturalvision evolved is now officially released.

Features and improvements (Changelog)

September 30th, 2021

• Optimized dozens of vegetation models, road models and various textures in order to reduce the number polygons and vertices. Additionally decreased the resolution of some road textures without a noticeable difference in quality. All of this has resulted in a large FPS boost across the entire map and increased overall game stability. This will be further improved upon in a future update
• Updated Overcast weather in the countryside and fixed an issue with not being able to see at night in this weather which occurred in FiveM, altV and RageMP
• Made various improvements to sparks particle effects when scraping against metal while using a vehicle
• Added new textures with improved texture and material quality on Pigs found across Blaine County
• Added new LODs for the Olive tree in Rockford Hills, Vinewood Hills and Downtown Los Santos (WIP)
• Removed noise from the fur grass texture
• Added another new texture for the cone-shaped cedar trees from the last two updates in order to further improve their appearance
• Added Cactus and Joshua tree reflections to vehicles and glass in the Grand Senora Desert and surrounding areas. Additionally added more tree reflections in Downtown Los Santos. This will be further completed in future updates in order to support the entire map (WIP)
• Adjusted ripple properties for the Los Santos River / Storm Drain in order to reduce the tiled appearance
• Added new textures and an animated display screen to regular ATM and Fleeca ATM machines across the map
• Added new high-quality parallaxed roads to the North Senora and North Los Santos Freeway for Platinum Supporters (WIP)
• Improved the color of the vehicle exhaust backfire effect during daytime
• Made various improvements to night time street lights and LOD lights in the FiveM package (WIP)
• Modified the Alamo Sea deep underwater area to appear murky while diving
• Fixed an issue with transparency on the animated CNT TV sign from the previous update
• Removed the "Be Lucky" animated sign from the FiveM package
• Removed high-quality parallax roads from the main Single Player package and instead created an Optional Add-On called "Parallax Roads Overhaul" which can install or uninstall the roads
• Updated ENB presets and shaders with slight adjustments to Skylighting
• Misc bug fixes and tweaks

Known Issues:
- Framerate is not ideal during night time due to street light falloff settings. This will be improved in a future update.
- LOD lights for street lights glitch out in some locations due to not being completed. They will be completed across several future updates.
- Some Hedges currently do not have their collision removed. This will be completed in the future.
- Laser lights glitch out and flicker at certain angles. This will be fixed in the future once we have a solution.
Enb Presets for Naturalvision

The best GPU for NaturalVision Evolved

We tested and evaluated the best graphics cards for you and your game.

How to install the gta 5 graphics mod

To install Naturalvision evolved for FiveM, follow those simple steps that Razed has posted on the Help/Readme file:

1. Open the “Main Package” folder located within the “FiveM NVE Pack” folder. Copy the “mods” folder from inside.

2. Go to your “FiveM Application Data” folder. The default location is “C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM Application Data”
To go there, you can hold the “Windows Key + R” buttons on your keyboard to bring up the Run menu
Then type %localappdata% and press OK:

appdata folder

3. Paste the “mods” folder you copied earlier. Replace all files if necessary.

The mod folder should look like this
The mod folder should look like this

4. Go back to the “FiveM NVE Pack” folder and click the “Optional Add-Ons” folder. If you want to install something from the “Optional Add-Ons” folder then just copy and paste the .rpf file(s) to the FiveM “mods” folder within the “FiveM Application Data” folder.

Select a preset of your choice and open the folder.

Copy all of the files from inside and paste them into your main GTAV folder

Steam Version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V

Social Club Version: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V

Epic Games Version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\GTAV
Make sure you paste all files and folders into the main GTAV folder.

Naturalvision install

Done! Now you can play FiveM with the NVE mod.
NOTE: If you are playing on a server with a custom map then you should delete “b_NVE_Vanilla_Map.rpf” and “e_NVE_New_Street_Lights.rpf” from your FiveM ‘mods’ folder. Otherwise you may experience floating objects.

Reminder: Keep in mind that Naturalvision Evolved was created for the Los Santos and Blaine County areas. For best experience, go there and take a look!

Frequently asked questions

Naturalvision Evolved is available for Singleplayer, FiveM, RageMP and Alt:V.

However, you shouldn’t use this mod on GTA Online, as it’s possible to get banned for it!

Technically yes – but we recommend not using this mod for GTA Online.

Why? Because it can lead to your account being suspended / banned. In GTA:O mods are not allowed by Rockstar Games! So dont use this GTA 5 graphics mod on the standard online mode.

Press the download button on this page to download the mod. It will redirect you to the Patreon page of Razed (Creator of Naturalvision Evolved).

Once you are a patron for the Patreon page of Naturalvision Evolved (NVe), you receive the updated regulary. Make sure to stay a patron, otherwise updates will not be included.

This graphic mod is updated regulary, so make sure to check out any update and install it on your FiveM client.

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