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ESX-Scripts offers the best FiveM mods for your roleplay server experience. Create a server like Nopixel or DoJ-RP – start today.

FiveM mods are great for expanding your server and roleplay experience for your players. Use our featured mods to make your server even better and more special. There are so many roleplay servers – but with our offered scripts it’s even easier to stand out from other FiveM servers!

FiveM scripts

  • Nopixel Menu Script
    NoPixel Radial Menu
    Product on sale
    15.00$ 6.30$
  • Nopixel kashacters
    Nopixel-style Multicharacter
    Product on sale
    12.00$ 6.30$
  • CrewPhone
    CrewPhone (best gcPhone)
    Product on sale
    70.00$ 45.00$
  • nopixel clothing menu
    NoPixel Clothing Menu
    Product on sale
    19.99$ 8.99$
  • Trew Hud Ui
    Trew HUD UI (ESX/vRP) FREE
  • FiveM script Hud
    Premium Vehicle HUD
    Product on sale
    10.00$ 2.70$
  • Vehicle UI
    Vehicle Control UI
    Product on sale
    15.00$ 4.50$
  • FiveM script chrome 2020 11 15 18 45 52
    ESX NoPixel Server Script
    Product on sale
    70.00$ 53.10$
  • Nopixel Chat style
    Nopixel-like Chat Design
    Product on sale
    6.00$ 2.70$

How to install FiveM mods

With __resource.lua, client.lua & server.lua
Video – 1.4k

  1. As with most resources they come from a rar or zip file, In these compressed files may be a folder
    or files. Most resource contents should look like the below image:

These files are the common files for resources, sometimes the names of client.lua and server.lua may be changed or you could have a config file.

So first you will want to have these files (in above image) in a folder, some may be inside a folder in the rar or zip file. For a basic script like this you should be able to rename it unless it contains java or (N)UI files.

  1. Upload this folder in to your resources folder on your server. In the image below I’m using a VPS server. In your server a common spot can be server-data/resources You should have the default resources the FiveM dev’s have made, if not go to the below link. Upload it in to your resources folder.

citizenfx/cfx-server-data 710

Data repository for CitizenFX servers. Contribute to citizenfx/cfx-server-data development by creating an account on GitHub.

  1. Now after you have uploaded the folder in to your resources folder now go back to the main server folder (should contain a cache folder and server.cfg ) Now open the server.cfg file. It should look like this:

3628×547 10.5 KB
PS; You should have ‘start hardcap’ and ‘start sessionmanager’ as well

Now at the bottom of the start’s add start FolderName (Replace FolderName with the folder name you have)

It should now look like this;

start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start sessionmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start ■■■■■■■
start scoreboard
start FolderName
  1. Now restart your server and the resource will automatically start when the server starts.4a. If you don’t want it to automatically starts take this line out of the start list and you can start it via console, ingame or rcon using – start FolderName

Done! You can now experience your new FiveM mods on your server. Have fun.

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