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FiveM leaks discord

Tutorial: how to DMCA report them

What are FiveM leak discords?

FiveM leaks are not legal. Scripts are unique and created by programmers, coders and mappers. Sometimes, people tend to share them without the permission of the owners. That is called “leaking”. This is prohibited and strictly forbidden.

Leaks are spread all over discord and forums like rare5m or highleaks. Those sites are illegal because they infringe the copyrights of the legal owners. You should avoid to use leaks, because once your server has been reported, it may get banned from the FiveM network forever.

What happens if I use FiveM leaks on my server?

It is illegal to use FiveM leaks and you can get DMCA’d if you use them. If your FiveM server uses leaks, your server can get banned from FiveM.
You should never use leaked scripts or maps that are spread around the web.

Avoid to use leaks and buy your scripts on our webshop.

How to report a leaker discord server

If you want to report a discord server, you need the server ID for that. Activate the ‘developer mode’ in your settings -> appearance and right click the leak discord server. Rightclick the icon of the server and click “copy server ID”. You have now copied the ID of the server.

Send the Discord server ID

Now, go to this page:

Then, fill in the server ID and use “Trust & Safety” as reason. Report the server with the ID you copied and Discord will take the server down.

Discord DMCA takedown

DMCA takedown form for Discord

Are you a creator of a script or a map? Did you find your work on any discord? Then it’s time to use the Discord DMCA form to remove this leak server and save your work.

It is never allowed to spread copyright content that someone worked on – without permission. You might contact the copyright infringer (poster) of the FiveM leak to delete your content!

Can I get sued by script owners?

Yes, if you violate the rights of other people and use FiveM leaks, the original owners can file a DMCA suit against you (and your server).

FiveM will most likely take down your server and you will lose all your players within a short time range. We recommend to not use FiveM leaks at all. Never, ever.

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