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FiveM GTA Roleplay FAQ

Frequently asked questions about GTA Roleplay

This is an overview of the most asked questions about Grand Theft Auto roleplay!

What is GTA RP?

GTA RP is an extension (mod) for the original game Grand Theft Auto V. It offers a completely new gaming experience – and has very little to do with the GTA as you know it! RP is the abbreviation for the English word “Roleplay”. This means players put themselves in the shoes of another character living in the virtual world. Roleplay is about acting like in real life.
Be who you always wanted to be. The possibilities are endless. You decide on your character’s career, whether it’s a state faction, more of a criminal streak, or just a normal civilian who wants to live his life. Nothing is set in stone in the RP, they try to recreate real life as best they can, which means: If you have a car accident, you have to play out the injuries or aftermath of the accident.

What is FiveM?

FiveM is the multiplayer-mod for GTA 5 that enables to create dedicated roleplay servers. To run FiveM, you need an original copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

How to create a FiveM server?

To create a FiveM server, you need to follow the tutorial/guideline here:

How to create a GTA roleplay server?

To create a GTA5 role-playing game server on FiveM, you need a little technical know-how. For the basics you can use a fertile framework, we use “Essentialmode Extended” here – or ESX for short (everyone knows it as ESX). It is the most famous framework on FiveM. Many projects built their servers based on ESX as it offers a wide range of scripts. You can also check out the scripts in our shop!

See the full tutorial here:

How to download FiveM scripts?

Downloading FiveM scripts or mods can be done by downloading free ones on FiveM24 or buy scripts on ESX Scripts

What program coding languages does FiveM offer?

FiveM is written in C#, LUA, HTML, JS, CSS.

Is FiveM legal or illegal?

Rockstar Games accepts that people want to mod and play on dedicated servers. FiveM has enabled only original GTA 5 licenses, which helps Rockstar to sell the game.

How can I rent a FiveM server?

Click here to open Zaphosting to rent a server

Where to get Naturalvision graphic mod for FiveM?

Click here to find Naturalvision evolved

What FiveM frameworks are there?

There are multiple frameworks: QBus, ESX, vRP

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