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Earn money with FiveM 🤑

Help us selling products to servers. Register as a FiveM affiliate marketing partner today and make money.
With the ESX-Scripts Affiliate System you can easily send your friends a link that will ensure that you earn money from the person’s order.

Start earning your money by advertising our platform.

Refer friends today!

Distribute your affiliate link now and earn easy money, which you can cash out by directly by PayPal. Earn PayPal money by using ESX-Scripts and automate your money.

Affiliate Program

Besides the affiliate system we also offer partnerships. We help you building your server or website and you can earn money. We offer pay-outs with PayPal.

The easy way to make money with FiveM

Our conditions, if you advertise a product, are 20% per sale. Which means: If someone buys something (via your link) for $100, you will get $20.
It was never easier to earn money. Any questions? Let us know!

FiveM is a great platform to create servers and many players (roleplayers) use it to create their own dedicated servers. To extend their servers, the FiveM community needs more mods, maps and scripts. For this reason we created our platform. As an affiliate you do not need to code, produce or create maps. Just share your affiliate link and earn cash directly and each sale!

Start earning money as FiveM affiliate

Register as affiliate partner, earn funds and withdraw them to PayPal. It was never that easy before.

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Earn money by refering

If someone buys over your link, you will get credts that you can withdraw right to your PayPal account. Without any stress for you.

Affiliate support

For affiliates, we have a special support team for questions, problems and matters. Need help or have any question? Contact our support team.

Best growing marketplace

No scam, biggest deals. The marketplace is the biggest platform for FiveM mods out there!

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Affiliate marketers love our platform

We have over thousand affiliate marketers that use our recommendation program to earn money.

affiliate since 3/2022
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Very nice program to use for earning some extra money with FiveM mods
affiliate since 05/2022
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First I didnt think it would work but then it was great
affiliate since 06/2022
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So far I like the FiveM affiliate program and I enjoy trying to help sellers to earn more, while that I earn!
affiliate since 06/2022
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Already made $5 thank you 🙂

How and why it works

Our site offers the most advanced FiveM marketplace. We offer only premium-quality downloads that we previously checked before listing! From now on, we also offer the possibility to earn money – without selling. It is called “affiliate marketing”. Start earning money by affiliate marketing today.

What is affiliate marketing?

To keep it simple: You share/advertise for our store and get a percentage of the revenue that the sales generate. Afterwards, you can initiate a payout to your PayPal account. Sounds good? Let’s give it a try and apply.

Frequently asked questions

As a FiveM affiliate, you can share your links wherever you want: On your website, discord server or even on your FiveM server. Give it a try.

FiveM affiliate marketing gives you the possibility to scale your business, which means: It depends on how many people click your links and buy a download afterwards. If they used your link to download a product, you will get a percentage of revenue. You can earn up to 50% per sale.

The rate begins with 20% each sale.

If a customer bought something and refunds, the amount you have earned will be deducted from your credits.

Nope. ESX-Scripts is a legitimate FiveM store. All the downloads, which are provided by sellers, are manually checked and verified by our expert team. We also offer a refund policy to ensure safety and protection of a customer if FiveM scripts are purchased. We do not accept leaks or minor-quality on our pages at all.

Register as affiliate partner and start sharing your link. It’s that easy. Once someone buys, you will earn percentage of revenue.

Regarding affiliate, you can contact our affiliate-support via mail: affiliate(at)

Using this advertising is completely free. Whenever you want to cash out, the payment fees will be deducted from your money, as PayPal automatically does this.

Not at all, no. You just share the link and the product support is handled by the vendor!

Once you earned cash, go to your affiliate dashboard and select “Pay out with PayPal”.

We want to offer this service to a selection of partners that we choose. Please apply and we will review your application thoroughly. The answer will be sent via mail within some days.

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The best way to make money on the Internet

It is quite easy to advertise and set up an affiliate website or discord. Just simply generate a link via your affiliate dashboard and you are good to go. Send it around, link it on your site or Discord and earn cash if someone buys using your link. It was never so easy to earn money.

A huge range of products

We have a lot of customers. You can set up affiliate links for any type of them: Whether they are looking for scripts, maps or standalone mods, you can earn money! Generate a general link or a product link to use it as a ref-link.

100% Best FiveM mods

Verified, tested and 100% working FiveM scripts

Best support

Problems? We are there to help!

Instant download

Receive your products without any interruption. Download instantly!

100% Secure Checkout

Easy and encrypted

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