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ESXFREE Resmurf Properties System Releases

[ESX][FREE] Resmurf Properties System – Releases



It is a housing system wherein the participant is teleported to an inside and set to a unique dimmension; permitting the posibilities of re-using interiors.

This was speculated to be a paid script however required alot of stuff earlier than making a useful resource definitely worth the cash, can be up to date accordingly and perhaps promote addon sources for this; unsure.

Everyone seems to be welcome to make use of this useful resource as they please, simply not re-sell it.

Video link

Checklist of inbuilt instructions:
/createProperty 1 3 10000

The unbuginterior command can be eliminated in a while, simply incase somebody will get bugged, it’ll unbug them. You would possibly wish to disable this earlier than placing it into your server.


  • Supports interiors within interiors. (Have apartment buildings inside an interior.)
  • Fee on interior entrance, removes the money from the person who enters if fee is set.
  • Resell your property to the the game and get 50% of the actual price.
  • Storage system, store your weapons and/or items.
  • Sell the property to another player by /sellto
  • Locking/Unlocking interiors.
  • Add your own interiors!
  • More stuff i guess?


Import the properties.sql file into your ESX Database; after that just plaste the rest of the files in a folder called properties (If you use other name, the resource wont work.) and ensure it.


Resources: bob74_ipl and ‘base_events’ These are only required if you’re planning to use GTA V default interioers, they should be default FiveM resources if you’ve installed your server recently, anyways, make sure you have them on!


Feel free to report bugs in this thread or in the github page.



Unique supply: https://discussion

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