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FiveM ESX Job Form Script

Job Form for every FiveM RP server. Easy and simple to configurate!



(Client) Form Config:

  • mission_row = Class name for the form.

  • pos = Position for 3d text to draw.

  • label = Label for the form (3D text + NUI)

  • job = Job (name) that will receive the form

Config.Forms = {

    mission_row = {

        pos = vector3(440.83834838867,-981.13397216797,30.689332962036),

        label="LSPD Form",

        job = 'police'


    pillbox_hospital = {

        pos = vector3(298.89642333984,-584.50939941406,43.26086807251),

        label="EMS Form",

        job = 'ambulance'



(Server) Webhook Config:

  • police = ‘webhook url’

sConfig.Webhooks = {






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