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ESX sqz unijob Advanced system for easy adding jobs

[ESX] sqz_unijob – Advanced system for easy adding jobs – Releases


It is a custom script used for easy adding jobs into just Config. You can add as many jobs as you want with a minimal CPU ussage (around 0.0.6ms with 25 jobs – tested on). This script allows you to add custom jobs only by copying config elements to save server/client performance, your time and number of resources.


  • Easy config and easy job adding
  • Citizen interactions in F6 menu
  • Vehicle interactions in F6 menu
  • Revive option to F6 menu
  • Vehicle and helicopters easy configuration
  • Good optimalization (CPU ussage around 0.06ms with more then 25 jobs)
  • 3dText instead of Help text
  • Own label of billings
  • Custom Armory system
  • Get number of ammo you deposited
  • Every Armory has its own items
  • Job Shop
  • Limit access to armories by job grades
  • Easy adding blips
  • Everybody has F6, but if Config Enabled, needs items
  • Discord webhook log
  • MySQL database log
  • Custom vehicle spawn options (properties)
  • In config you can customise:
    • Vehicle spawn
    • Helicopter spawn
    • Armory
    • Boss Menu
    • Cloakroom
    • Vehicle deleters
    • F6 elements
    • Vehicles for job ranks (or shared vehicles – these will every grade have)
    • Helicopters for job ranks (or shared helicopters – these will every grade have)
    • Define job weapons also with weapon components
  • Add blips with their properties
  • No esx_addoninventory needed
  • No esx_datastore needed
  • Possibility to have custom markers
  • Possibility to have custom menu (event) for opening put/get stock/weapons menu
  • Marker customisation:
    • Marker Rotation
    • Marker Direction
    • On/Off marker bouncing
    • On/Off marker rotating
    • Marker size and color
    • If marker should draw as well 3D Text (you can change 3D Text font)


  • esx_billing
  • es_extended
  • esx_addonaccount
  • esx_menu_default
  • esx_menu_dialog
  • esx_society

F6 menu by default has options:

  • Enable Body Actions, which contain:
    • Cuffing (you can enable if a player must have an item)
    • Dragging cuffed player
    • Putting cuffed player to/outside a vehicle
    • Unhandcuff
  • Enable Vehicle Actions, which contain:
    • Repairing vehicle
    • Cleaning vehicle
    • Impounding a vehicle
    • Lockpicking a vehicle
    • Attaching vehicle to flatbed
  • Enable revive option, which allows you:
  • F6 for every job has billing, where you can enter an amount and label


[1.1.3] – sqz_unijob

  • Add possibility to draw custom markers
  • Add possibility to disable Motion (3D) Text
  • Add possibility to use custom function for putting/getting items/weapons
  • Add possibility to change marker Rotation and Direction
  • Add possibility to change 3D Text font
  • Add possibility to disable rotating/bouncing of markers
  • Add possibility to change distance from which you will see 3D Text

Bellow you can see how a config looks like:

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