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ESX SQZ DRUGS Advanced drug system Releases

[ESX] SQZ_DRUGS – Advanced drug system – Releases



I would like to present to you our new script, which has multiple utilization. You can find all the use below, but I would like to introduce you our script in general. The script allows you to plant, care about a plant, and then pick up/harvest it to get the burdened product. Also, there is an option for selling items (drugs) on the street using a command to make the resource more optimized and not killing your server. You can add as many sellable items as you want. The last part of the script is harvesting and processing items (drug). Bellow, there are listed all the features:


  • Plant items you want to (that are set in the config)
  • Fertilizer it and water it to get better Quality
  • The Quality progress depends on the water status and fertilizer status (the more fertilizer you add the more quality the plant will get)
  • You can define all the time cycles, saving plants cycle, item names, the item you will get, and the plant object (how the plant will look)
  • The location where a player can sell and if he/she can plant anywhere or only in the certain locations
  • You set if a player can plant everywhere in the area or only to the certain defined props


  • You can define items you want to make as sellable
  • You can set areas, in which a player tries to sell and he is alone (without any friend), he will get killed
  • You can set animations, durations, whatever to use a Mythic Progbar or not, and its label
  • You can set if a player should get Black Money, the minimal and maximal amount he will get when selling
  • If a player can sell to all the types of peds or only to certain ped types
  • Chance of calling police and chance of rejecting (there is a default configurable blip, but you can change it to your dispatch system)
  • Then you can sell the minimal and maximal item count a player will sell
  • The last definable options is where a player can sell the items (Location and Radius)


  • You can define the location of harvesting and processing items (drugs)
  • There are 4 predefined types of markers (Draw3dText, Markers, Scaleform, and your own)
  • You can define minimal cops for processing/harvesting
  • All animations properties (Dictionary, Name, blend out and in speed, duration, whatever to use Mythic Progbar or not, it’s a label …)
  • Ther required items, count and if they should get removed when a player is done
  • Count and item name a player gets when done

Usable items

  • Every drug (item) can be registered as a usable item
  • You can define a scenario that will be played when using the item
  • Effects which a player should get: Give Armour, Give Health Points, Give Additional speed, Infinite Stamina
  • Also there is a possibility for setting “PedAsDrunk”, Movement clipset, Motion Blur, TimeCycle modifier and when the effect should be reset


  • All is synced with all the players around the server (all players see the same plants, they can fartilize/water it and pickup it)
  • Works with:
    :white_check_mark: OneSync Infinity
    :white_check_mark: OneSync Legacy
    :white_check_mark: Non OneSync

You can check as well the gallery for the script, what it does and how it works. In Stand-By mode, it uses 0.03ms, also every check of cops connected is not used for checking all players jobs, but for making it more optimized, the cops connected are cached.
Check out our other script called “sqz_unijob” for easy adding jobs. If you decided to buy, do not forget to create a ticket to get your script.

The Gallery: Galery

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Tebex package:
Our Tebex store:
The price is: 15€ without VAT


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