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[ESX/NON ESX] Ultimate Ai/NPC Taxi (Highly Customizable) – Ai Taxi Pro – Releases


Ai Taxi Pro

Imagine, you are playing on your favorite server, and you are somewhere in the nowhere, and you have only 2 options: 1. steal a car and 2. spawn a car. Now there is a third option: Call a Taxi!


  • OneSync
    OneSync is a problem with many scripts at the moment, but not with AiTaxiPro.
  • ESX Compatability
    Ai Taxi Pro is fully compatible with ESX and allows you to pay for your ride.
  • Standalone
    Your server does not have ESX? No problem, Ai Taxi Pro can also be run standalone.
  • Second Driving Mode
    With Ai Taxi Pro you can allow your players to choose a second driving style, for example rushed.
  • Configurable Driving Style
    In Ai Taxi Pro the driving style and speed of the taxi is completely customizable
  • Configurable Ped and Vehicle
    In Ai Taxi Pro you can customize the ped and the vehicle model.
  • Cancel Ride
    You called a cab, but you don’t need it after all? No problem.
  • Configurable Pricing
    You can set the price freely by setting a base fee and a price/km.



The configuration of Ai Taxi Pro is super simple. Just upload the resource to your server and enter your transaction ID into the config for verification purposes and adjust everything in the config according to your preferences.

Framework Integration

Ai Taxi Pro is a standalone resource and does not require a framework. Also, Ai Taxi Pro should be compatible with almost any framework and resource,


We have also put a lot of effort into Ai Taxi Pro to provide you with the most perfect resource possible. However, if there are any questions or problems, you can always contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.


Since we have put a lot of effort into Ai Taxi Pro, we would be very grateful to hear your feedback.

Download & Payment

You can buy Ai Taxi Pro on our Tebex Store for 7.95€ + Fees.


Phone/System Integration

You can easily integrate Ai Taxi Pro with GcPhone, other phones or other resources. You can simply use our client events. These are:

  1. to call a taxi:
TriggerClientEvent(player, "Taxi:CallTaxi")
  1. to cancel a taxi:
TriggerClientEvent(player, "Taxi:CancelTaxi")


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