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[ESX/NON ESX] Bus Driver Pro – The Ultimate Bus Driving Experience – Codineer Digital – Releases

Bus Driver Pro – The Ultimate Bus Driving Experience

We’ve already done a lot of resources for FiveM and put an enormous amount of work into some of them, but Bus Driver Pro tops it all. We have worked hard on this resource for several weeks, adding feature after feature and taking inspiration from great bus simulators like Bus Simulator 18 and Omsi 2 to bring you the best bus simulation for FiveM.

Bus Driver Pro is a bus script for FiveM that takes the bus driving experience to a new level with innovative features like voice announcements, round trip mode and even a drag & drop route editor. And with all these features, Bus Driver Pro is even OneSync and OneSync Infinity compatible.


  • Voice Announcements
    One of the most innovative features of Bus Driver Pro is the bus stop announcements that are played on the bus and can be played either automatically or controlled by the bus driver. These are also synchronized with all players on the bus.
  • Route Editor
    Another innovative feature is the Route Editor, with which you can create, edit and delete routes. The order of the stops can even be changed by drag & drop. The route editor can be secured with permissions or with job ranks (ESX).
  • Buses per Route
    You can set individual buses for each route in the Route Editor, which you can switch between when you start your journey. This allows you, for example, to do normal regular trips, but at the same time express routes and coach routes, with different buses that can not be used for the other routes.
  • Round Trip Mode
    Some of you may know this feature from games like Bus Simulator 18, it allows you to drive the route both in one direction and back in the other direction in one trip.
  • Inverted Mode
    The inverted mode reverses the order of the stops and allows you to travel the route the other way around.
  • Translation
    Every single message of Bus Driver Pro can be customized. An English translation is preset at purchase and a German translation is included.
  • (Custom) Voice Packs
    The voice announcements are also fully customizable and a male and female English voice are included with purchase.
  • Bus Stops
    Bus Driver Pro comes with 25 pre-installed bus stops, but you can easily add more bus stops at any time via Config. You can also set the minimum and maximum amount of passengers for each bus stop and you can customize the ped models of the passengers for each stop. If you want to create an own voice announcement for a newly created bus stop, you only have to insert an audio file with the name of the bus stop (remove spaces) into the corresponding folder and this stop will have its own voice announcement.
  • ESX & Standalone
    Bus Driver Pro can be run standalone, but it is also 100% ESX compatible and allows to make the functions accessible only to the bus driver job and to pay the bus drivers for their trips. A base amount can be set, as well as a charge per passenger, which is added to either the cash or the driver’s bank account at the end of the trip.
  • Stop brake
    Another feature that is familiar from big bus simulations and is also implemented in Bus Driver Pro is the stop brake, which automatically generates a certain braking force when the doors are opened, which should prevent the bus driver from driving with the doors open.
  • Door Hotkeys
    The doors of the bus can be opened comfortably with a hotkey, which is shown at the start of the journey and can be set in the Config. The front door and the rear door are closed and opened separately.
  • Stop Request Sounds
    You can enable in the config that whenever passengers want to get off, a beep is played to let the bus driver know that a passenger wants to get off.
  • Skip Stops
    You can enable in the config that you have the possibility to skip stops by pressing a hotkey.
  • Indicators
    If you don’t have an Indicator script installed, but would still like to use Indicator with your bus, you can enable this feature in the config.
  • Stay in the bus
    If a bus driver leaves his bus while driving, a message is displayed to him to get back into his bus. Optionally, it can be configured that a countdown appears, after which the trip is aborted.
  • Highly Configurable
    You can not only set each hotkey individually in the config, but also make many other settings on a total of 148 lines.
  • And much more…

Included in CodiPass

Bus Driver Pro is included in CodiPass Plus, a bundle that contains many of our resources together and which can be purchased here for a small amount.

Support & Feedback

If you have a question, a problem or a suggestion, feel free to write to us here in the forum and we will respond as soon as possible.

Download & Payment

You can purchase Bus Driver Pro here for 14.99€ or purchase CodiPass Plus (includes Bus Driver Pro) here.


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  1. Guten Tag.

    Erstmal ein Fettes Lob an euch für diesen wunderbaren mod!!

    nun meine frage ist wie instaliere ich es BZW was ist genau zu beachten? da leider keine readme dabei ist 🙂

    1. Hallo,
      keine Ahnung ehrlich gesagt. Der Mod ist von Codipass, schreib ihm um nachzufragen:


      1. OK danke werde ich machen 🙂

        1. Viel Spaß! 😀

          1. Haha danke wen mir nur einer erklärt wie ich auf dieser seite den ihnaber kontaktieren kan wäre es super XD 🙂 ich bin komplet neu auf dieser ebene Haha

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