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ESX Advanced Duty Releases

ESX Advanced Duty – Releases


Hello FiveM Community, this is an advanced duty script. This script is very important mostly for Roleplay Servers (ESX).

It is a better version of the original script / thread that has been shared 3 years ago.

What does this version / script provides you from the other one?

• The markers are displayed and used only based on the job you are, even if that job is “offduty”. That means, if you are “offpolice”, the system removes the “off” in order to be displayed and used as “police” for changing duty status.

• The code, client & server side does not need to be changed, the system has been created in order to use as many markers and as many jobs you want by only adding / removing them from the config.

• Older version was using pNotify for the notifications, this one does not include pNotify, it sends an ESX notification.

• Locales: {‘EN, ‘GR’} as default.


If you are new into this system, there are some things you should know and how does this actually works before starting.

• In order a job to be changed / set as “offduty” | “onduty”, you must add in the database (jobs & job_grades) the current job with the same name but with an “off” at first. That means, if you have a job called “lscustom”, you must add in the database a new job and with the same grades, called “offlscustom”.

(!) If you don’t understand, you can click on the url below (older version) because it has some solutions and many explanations about how database should be.

Download Link (GitHub):


Original source:

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