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Enc0deds Forklift Trailer Mod DEV Standalone Client Releases

Enc0ded’s Forklift Trailer Mod [DEV] [Standalone] [Client] – Releases


enc0ded’s Forklift Trailer Mod

A clientside mod that permits trailers to have attachable forklifts and cargo pallets. This mod is meant to be integrated into different mods, like my ESX-Forklift-Supply Mod (releasing later as we speak!).


  1. Removable forklift, loadable pallets and merchandise.
  2. Works with any truck, trailer and forklift.
  3. Extremely configurable, add any recreation object to pallets, apply totally different traits to every product class.
  4. 30+ default pallet merchandise presets.
  5. 7 Product classes: Industrial, Development, Church, Farming, Business, Army and Safety.
  6. Many export features and occasions that management mod performance.
  7. Object oriented code base: simply modded.
  8. Performant: >0.01ms if not interacting with trailer or forklift.


Single License: $14.40
Multi-License: $40.80
For those who intend to promote my mod as a dependency of a mod you make then please buy a multi-license.
If you wish to modify my mod in your personal server purchase a single license.

If you buy my ESX-Forklift-Supply mod this mod is included for FREE.

My Tebex Store


Unique supply: https://discussion

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