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DrugFarm Drug System Free by Sitio Maharlika Releases

DrugFarm + Drug System Free by Sitio Maharlika – Releases


That is for esx v1.2 and ultimate you possibly can verify the feedback in config. and server.lua for those who used 1.1
Your Free to Edit all of the codes.
Please Dont Promote it.

ESX 1.2 or ultimate or you should utilize 1.1 change the settings on server.lua attempt to put your restrict system

title ‘rkl_drugfarm’ MS 0.01 – 0.02 idle

  1. go to location or coordinates within the map and look ahead to the plant to respawn.
  2. go close to the vegetation and press e to reap

title ‘rkl_drugsystem’ MS is 0.01 to 0.02 0.02 idle MS getting up rely for those who use promote to NPC

All of drying and creating items have animation and you may see plant connected to it.

  1. use the harvested items on daylight or flip off the time allow to used it anytime
  2. you possibly can select if you wish to dry it in daylight solely or anytime
  3. afterr drying the products you possibly can used the dry items and ensure you have 2 rollpaper in your pocket
  4. harvest items are Marijuana,opium and tabaco leaves, – usable
  5. Dry items are Dry Marijuana,opium and tabaco, – usable
  6. end items are joint, opium, and tabaco – usable
  7. you possibly can promote it to npc its a easy promote to npc scripts for those who dont have any npc in your server simply remark the drugsale.lua and create your individual

Drug Results

  1. Armour upto 100/run quick cant spam the usage of medicine cant used whereas swimming and even in automobile
    • Armour will set to 10 after the impact is finished identical to IRL you possibly can take away it additionally
      you possibly can change if you’d like
      Verify the drugeffects.lua

Notice : There’s a few bugs attempt to search for it and report it to me.

Sql file merchandise Weight System Primarily based – change the load in case your utilizing restrict
INSERT INTO gadgets (title, label, weight, uncommon, can_remove) VALUES
(‘lighter’, ‘Lighter’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘rollpaper’, ‘Roll Paper’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘marijuana’, ‘Marijuana Leaves’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘opiumleaves’, ‘Opium Leaves’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘tabacoleaves’, ‘Tabaco Leaves’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘drymarijuana’, ‘Dry Marijuana Leaves’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘drytabaco’, ‘Dry Tabaco Leaves’, 0.10, 0, 1),
(‘dryopium’, ‘Dry Opium Leaves’, 0.10, 0, 1);

Obtain hyperlink:
drugsystem.rar (12.8 KB)

Reminder that is free


Unique supply: https://discussion

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