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Dope_island_hopper – Hop between Los Santos and Cayo Perico island – Releases


Current Version: v1.0.0

contributions welcome

This resource allows you to easily hop between Los Santos and the Cayo Perico island

Important Links

Source Code: Link
Download: (5.9 KB)

What is dope_island_hopper?

As the Cayo Perico Heist DLC has been released and FiveM is preparing to push it to the main branch so everyone can enjoy, this resource will help your players move quickly between one island and the other. Using a set of locations throughout the world, you can move between islands.


  • Teleport from one island to the other
  • Automatically activates/deactivates the other island (gta5 level)
  • Enables path nodes for waypoint routes on Cayo Perico island
  • Configuration file to configure the marker, blip, locations and more

:warning: This was untested on a production build with streamed DLC assets, but should work fine apart from some native call errors as they don’t exist for clients that aren’t using b2189

:warning: This does not support moving between islands (yet) using an airplane or boat


At the time of writing there’s one requirement. This will change once FiveM pushes b2189 as default DLC build version.

  • Run b2189 on Canary or have Cayo Perico DLC island assets


or Streamable


Simple Lua script install. Download (see Important Links) and extract the dope_island_hopper folder to your resources/ folder. Don’t forget to ensure dope_island_hopper in your server.cfg.


Inside shared/config.lua is a configuration file that you can edit to your liking. It should be self-explanatory. If it’s not, let me know in a reply here and I’ll document it more.


You are more than welcome to contribute to this project by submitting a pull request and creating issues. I encourage you to test the features and add what you find missing.


You can modify or edit the code as you like, but you cannot re-release it anywhere. Please see the LICENSE


Original source:

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