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Different Gun Ammo Clips Tiered Armour 1 4

Different Gun Ammo Clips / Tiered Armour 1 – 4 – Releases


Nothing new I’ve seen a tiered armour system on here before, but this has Ammo Clips and Animations with the script so instead of 2 scripts its one.

Link: Click Here

Video: (Coming Soon)

If you want to add more guns to the ammo like for instance Assault Rifles go to client/c_ammo.lua/
Go to Line: 41 and add this at the end

or Weapon == GetHashKey(‘Assault Weapon Hash’)

Future Update:
Add guns in the config instead of this hardcode trash
IDK what more. Maybe a Recycling Place to sell your Unwanted Goods like a Cash Converters

Required Scripts:
Progress Bar
isn’t going to work without it


Copy the File into where ever you save your Server scripts
Run the SQL (Currently Using LIMIT :frowning: )
Copy the Images to your Inventory so there is something to look at in your inventory
Start/Ensure the script you can rename it what ever doesn’t matter (Just start the Script in your server.cfg)


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