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Hack Vending machine – All start, earn a little money and gain experience

Steal Secret data – More difficult, with more money as a reward and of course experience

Hack Vehicle – Place a hacker device on a vehicle

Track Vehicle – Starts tracking of a hacked vehicle

Stop Vehicle – Brings a hacked vehicle to a halt

Deactivate Breaks – Deactivates the brakes of a hacked vehicle


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This is an ESX hacking system, you don’t need an extra job to perform any hacking actions, anyone who has a hacking laptop can do it. At first you can only hack a vending machine with level 0, for each hack you get XP and can level up. The next hack you can do is hacking secret documents, for this you need a USB stick and another player. The hacker stays in the terminal, the second player goes to a officer and tries to enter the room where the marker is. He places the USB stick and waits until the hacker has downloaded everything. He grabs the USB stick and leaves the police station (The point for hacking can be set anywhere).


After you have done this a few times. you will have enough XP to hack a vehicle, you will need a hacking device. Now you can track the vehicle, stop it, disable brakes, find out the number of players in the vehicle, and find out the speed at which it travels.


Leveling system – you need a certain level to perform any action, you start with hacking a vending machine


There are a lot of other commands in the terminal


Everything is adjustable in the config


Available languages: German (de), English (en)


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