FiveM Lapdance
Einhorn Lapdance-Skript
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Einhorn Lapdance-Skript


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Lapdance script for FiveM

Frameworks configurable for ESX / QBCore

This script makes it possible to be a customer in the Unicorn in LS

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Config file:

Config = Config or {}

-- Framework
Config.Framework = 'qbcore' -- Choose which framework your server is using so qb-lapdance can work with it [esx, qbcore, standalone]
-- Since there is too many esx version, only this one is supported ( Maybe I will test other version, but not a priority

-- Lap dance 
Config.LapDanceCost = 120 -- Cost of the lap dance
Config.LegMoney = 10000 -- Little easter egg for your player, will add an accessory "Leg money" to the stripper if the player has more than 'Config.LegMoney' in cash. Set to a huge value if you don't want this
Config.Nudity = true -- Set to true if you want the stripper to be topless (Only for player above 'Config.NudityAge')
Config.NudityAge = 21 -- (QBCore only!!) Player age restriction. If underage and 'Config.Nudity' is set to true, the stripper won't be topless. Set to 0 if you don't want age restriction

-- Blip
Config.Blip = true -- Set to false if you don't want the blip on the map
Config.BlipName = "Strip-Club" -- Blip name
Config.BlipStripclub = {
Sprite = 121, -- Sprite list can be found here:
Colour = 50, -- Color list in the same URL as above
Display = 27, -- Explanation here:
Scale = 0.7 -- Self explanatory, let you set the scale of the blip
Config.BlipCoord = {
{x=128.87, y=-1298.93, z=4.0} -- If you want to move the blip on the map, change this.

-- Locale
Config.Language = 'fr' -- Currently Available: fr, en
-- Locales can be easily created or modified in `qb-lapdance/locales`

-- Misc
Config.Debug = true -- If you think something is not working, you can set 'Config.Debug' to true. It will then print a lot of debug information in your console
Config.UpdateChecker = true -- Set to false if you don't want to check for resource update on start
Config.ChangeLog = true -- Set to false if you don't want to display the changelog if new version is find


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