Mehrere Kernjobs
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Mehrere Kernjobs


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Give your players on FiveM multiple jobs. For example: Work as doctor and as apple picker. Works with ESX.

Kompatibel mit OneSync, ESX 1.1, ESX 1.2, ESX

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Have multiple jobs! You can be a police officer while taking part in a gang and earning extra cash from trucking.

You can check out the Video


  • Interactive UI
  • Auto job saving (When you get a new job it will be saved if this option is enabled)
  • Easy switch to offduty
  • Job Management locations
  • Default Jobs that cant be removed
  • Employee online counter
  • Salary display


  • ESX


The code is not obfuscated and nicely presented ! If you don’t like to tinker with code the config allows you to change almost everything!



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