Tutorial: How to create a GTA5 roleplay server (FiveM)

Hey folks! 😏

In this tutorial we describe how to create a GTA5 roleplay server based on FiveM. We tried to keep it as simple as possible.

To create a GTA5 role-playing game server on FiveM, you need a little technical know-how. For the basics you can use a fertile framework, we use “Essentialmode Extended” here – or ESX for short (everyone knows it as ESX). It is the most famous framework on FiveM. Many projects built their servers based on ESX as it offers a wide range of scripts. You can also check out the scripts in our shop!


  • a server for hosting (vServer/root recommended)
    Little notice: We do not recommend Zaphosting as main-server. It can be used for testing instances though.
  • a database (MySQL or MariaDB)
  • basic LUA-knowhow
  • Visual C++ 2019 (download it here)

Download FiveM ESX pack

We have some finished plug&play solutions for your server, so you don’t need to start from zero. We recommend using a pack instead of setting up your complete server (if you want to learn, it can be helpful though) 🤗

This pack offers a lot:

  • Viele Arbeitsplätze
  • Hunger/thirst and money UI (clean)
  • Police / LSPD job
  • Mechanic job
  • Essential mode
  • ESX Extended
  • Easy Admin Tool
  • Phone Script (gcPhone)
  • Taxi job
  • Realestate job
  • Banker job
  • multiple bank robbery systems
  • RP chat (proximity chat)
  • Addon account
  • ES Plugin MySQL (for database)
  • The database is included
  • Custom Menu style
  • Datastore
  • Company script
  • a car dealership
  • Los Santos Customs scripts
  • Tuning cars possibilities
  • Police Dispatch system (drug deal, carjack, shootings, robbery)
  • Trunk system
  • Banking system script
  • Licenses (car, bike, weapon etc)
  • DMV/Car license script
  • Weapon shops
  • Moneywash script
  • Drug scripts
  • Gun control and Admin panel controller!
  • And much much more!

The good thing is: You do not have to start from 0 – the basics are inside here and it saves you hours of work.

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Installation of the FiveM RP server

  1. Erstellen Sie ein neues Verzeichnis (zum Beispiel D:\FXServer\Server), dies wird Ihr Serverordner sein
  2. Laden Sie die letzte Serverversion von FiveM herunter: Artefakte-Server.
  3. Extrahieren Sie die Dateien
  4. Herunterladen und extrahieren cfx-Server-Daten in einen Ordner, zum Beispiel nach  D:\FXServer\Server-Daten.
  5. Ein ... kreieren server.cfg Datei im Verzeichnis: Server-Daten (dies ist ein Beispiel: Beispiel server.cfg).
  6. Generieren Sie einen neuen FiveM-Schlüssel vom Keymaster: https://keymaster.fivem.net.
  7. Passen Sie den Schlüssel in der server.cfg an: sv_licenseKey "hierDieLizenz".
  8. Start the server! Wooho! 😎

If you use the pack from above, you don’t have to force all of the steps. It is important that the server has a correct key. If you want the server to be accessible from the outside, activate the ports, otherwise friends cannot join.

Once you’ve set up the server, you can get down to business: Install ESX (everything is done with the pack already). To do this, you set up a database and run the .sql. Then you start ESX and have a base for your server.

You can download and maintain various jobs in the FiveM forum or buy some on our shop.

Create your GTA5 RP server today. We wish you a lot of fun with the GTA roleplay!


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