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Our FiveM shop connects creators and server owners.


The promise of our company: Everything for your FiveM server.

The goal of our FiveM store is to offer a huge collection of maps, scripts, clothes and tools for your roleplay server. Everything on one site. We want to give you the possibility to give your players a great roleplay experience. Do not look any further, find it on ESX-Scripts.com.

For scripters and mappers

Our creators are creative people that produce scripts and maps for FiveM/ESX Framework. Sellers and creators can sell their products here in our FiveM store. We offer a shop, a support center and a good backend for payment and analysis. We offer script creators to offer their FiveM scripts on our store.
You want to sell your products? Try it out today!

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For server owners

Many FiveM server owners are looking for inspiration and scripts, as well as maps that just work out of the box. Our FiveM store offers sellers to offer their FiveM scripts while server owners can look around and download new content.

Make your FiveM server better today – don’t wait.

100% verified quality. No encryption.

This store offers a lot: Awesome products (from a little script to a whole server), support management, review system etc. All our downloads are tested by our team – so we can assure they work.

Everything is checked right before uploaded to our store.

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Our guarantee: Something doesn't work as expected?

Something isn’t working as it should? Our support is glad to help.
The support team can’t make it working on your server? No need to worry, there is our refund guarantee! Customer trust our service and guarantees.

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