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The best FiveM anticheats (FREE)

Hello dear FiveM players, Many server owners struggle because of cheaters, modders and hackers. There are a couple of hacks and mod menus for FiveM and money hacks for ESX framework. Hackers are quite annoying but there are a couple of anticheat resources for FiveM. Here you can find a summary of the best (free) […]

How to monetize your fivem server – Server Tutorials

[ad_1] Hey!After the great news coming from our community developers, we are finally able to make a profit out of our hard work (Announcing Tebex Partnership – Server Monetization / Commerce ‘2.0’) But now you might be wondering how do you start doing that!? It’s pretty simple! follow the steps: Register an account at […]

Turning off vMenu Voice Chat, Forcing Mumble VoIP – Server Tutorials

[ad_1] I’ve seen a few people having issues where vMenu takes over in-game chat, instead of using Mumble VoIP, here’s how to disable vMenu’s voice chat permanently, as well as disabling it for server admins as well. You can use any code editor I recommend Visual Studio Code or Atom, but you can use your […]


[Tutorial] Setting up a FX Server on linux using pterodactyl – Server Tutorials

[ad_1] Setting up a FX-Server on a Linux VPS or dedicated server can be difficult for people who have never used linux.Therefore I am creating this tutorial to both share my experience and knowledge on setting it up to run easily. I am assuming that if your following this tutorial you undestand how to use […]


How to get the steam:hex for whitelisting – Server Tutorials

[ad_1] Hello Community, this is my first tutorial. I think it fits in here, doesn ‘t kill me, I was always sorry to explain the same * fg Its simular to this Posting form TheStonedTurtle maybe for others easier to use or not 1. Copy the steamprofil link, it looks likeOpen your friendlist, double leftklick […]


Create ServerRTC for GCPHONE (OneSync) – Server Tutorials

[ad_1] Hello, everyone,Today I will show you how to create a serverRTC for the GCPHONE.I warn in advance sorry if my English is not perfect :’( Windows : Thanks to @Kullweet for windows First step : Download: simple-turn-windows-386.exeor in relation to your operating systemsimple-turn-windows-amd64.exe here Second step : Open the “powershell” as administrator.Once the […]

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