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Find the perfect scripts for your FiveM server

With our website and shop you’ll find the best scripts for your ESX server. Find maps, scripts in premium quality and with best support. Every week we hand-pick some of the best items from our best mappers & scripters. All our products are compatible with FiveM. We offer the best quality on the market, because we […]

FiveM scripts

FiveM turns into a paid-scripts community

FiveM, the popular multiplayer mod for GTA 5, turns more and more into a paid-only-scripts community. More and more people provide their scripts for money, not for free anymore. As Tebex is now a new partner of FiveM, it will be harder for the ESX community to get free scripts. No free scripts anymore? Since […]

Routing buckets: split game state

[ad_1] Server versions from pipeline ID 3245 and above have added a ‘routing bucket’ functionality, which is similar in concept to the ‘dimension’ or ‘virtual world’ functionality seen in prior non-Rockstar GTA network implementations. For those unaware or lazy to search, one can assign a player or entity to a routing bucket, and they will […]

CitizenFX C# templates are fixed – FiveM Cookbook

[ad_1] Since the earlier release of the CitizenFX C# templates, people have reported that certain built-in language types did not work, leading to vague errors such as ” is not a type supported by the compiler or such. It took a while, but these should be fixed as of version 0.2.2 of the C# templates/SDK/framework […]


Rocket Lamborghini Sian – Releases

[ad_1] This isnt really a release, well it kinda is. Ive been trying to make rocket powered cars and this one went to shit so if anyone wants to fix it here you go the model is unlocked. DIRECT DOWNLOAD: (37.8 MB) Model Used: Lamborghini Sian [Replace / FiveM | Unlocked] – [ad_2] […]


[Release] Vehicle Door Controls – Releases

[ad_1] Hi there! I’m back with another release. This time it’s a rather simple one, only featuring basic key controls over nearest vehicle’s doors from the outside. It will be, however, worked on. Screenshots Extract the contents into folder called doorcontrol into your resources folder. Start the script: a) in the server.cfg file; b) through […]

RELEASEMLO Cayo Perico Mansion Guest Bedroom Releases

[RELEASE][MLO] Cayo Perico: Mansion Guest Bedroom – Releases

[ad_1] Hey folks.This is my first contribution to the Cayo Perico Island Mansion.It is just a small, single guest bedroom w/ a washroom. More to come.Please credit me if used or edited Needed:Cayo Perico Island mod, there are multiple available. Install:You must have the island resource runnning.MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP THE 4 MANSION REPLACE […]

Release vRP Customize Releases Cfxre Community

[Release] vRP_Customize – Releases – Community

[ad_1] FiveM vRP Phone Customize (Fonts, Backgrounds) Preview Downlaod Github Download Contact I dont’ receive any contact about any errors and any questions that occur during the use of the script. Please report the error by registering the relevant repository issue. Copyright © 2020. HanSeo. All rights reserved. [ad_2] Original source:

2011 street appearance crown victoria add on non els Releases

2011 street appearance crown victoria [add-on] [non-els] – Releases

[ad_1] Hello everyone this i the 5th car i have ever made so please don’t hate i have tried to base this is off an unmarked LAPD then it turned into this anyways enjoy positive feedback only I don’t want the haters to be like oOoO Why is the light there don’t use it if […]

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