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Tutorial Fix Broken Lights And Sirens Modding Tutorials

[Tutorial] Fix Broken Lights And Sirens – Modding Tutorials

[ad_1] I’m no developer but I think I’ve got the gist of it here: Sometimes when you install a police car into FiveM you may notice an issue: Broken lights. There are different stages of severity: sometimes the lights won’t even turn on at all, and the siren won’t work. Sometimes the lights will turn […]

How to Have multiple scripts in one resource Modding Tutorials

[How-to] Have multiple scripts in one resource – Modding Tutorials

[ad_1] So hello guys so I saw someone that asked about how to have multiple scripts in one script. It is really easy and I’m going to show you guys an example: So first you need to make a loadout as you can see I have 3 scripts in my pack: Script1, Script2, Script3, When […]


[How-to] Stream addon props – Modding Tutorials

[ad_1] You need OpenIV, nodejs, npm and this tool : npm install -g ymap-utils If you installed it at the time I written my previous tutorial [How-to] Map an interior and stream it in FiveM you have to update it to 2.1.1 npm update -g Create a props folder inside resources then add start props […]


[How to] Make people walk when they are handcuffed – Modding Tutorials

[ad_1] Hello! I have been researching about how to make people move when they are handcuffed. And here is my results. In esx_policejob/client/main.luayou will need to find this TaskPlayAnim(playerPed, ‘mp_arresting’, ‘idle’, 8.0, -8, -1, 49, 0, 0, 0, 0) SetEnableHandcuffs(playerPed, true) SetPedCanPlayGestureAnims(playerPed, false) FreezeEntityPosition(playerPed, true) then you will changeFreezeEntityPosition(playerPed, true)toFreezeEntityPosition(playerPed, false) this will make that […]


[How-to] Make Multiple Item Types & MORE in NativeUI – Modding Tutorials

[ad_1] To make Multiple Item Types in NativeUI you must have each Item Type in the same Function and not separated. A example of which is as follows. function Weapons(menu) local submenu = _menuPool:AddSubMenu(menu, “Weapons Menu”, “Sub Menu for Weapons”) local gunsList = NativeUI.CreateListItem(“Get Weapons”, weapons, 1) submenu.OnListSelect = function(sender, item, index) if item == […]

How to Updated Discord rich presence Custom Image Modding Tutorials

[How-to] [Updated] Discord rich presence Custom Image ? – Modding Tutorials

[ad_1] First of all a BIG thanks to @IceHax for making this possible, here is a link to his Github go check him out (11-11-2018) New Natives added, check out the bottom of this tutorial! .First thing you have to do is make a discord account if you haven’t done that already. If you […]

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