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FiveM script Bootstrap Scoreboard SCOREBOARD THAT WORKS WITH OR WITHOUT INFINITY created

Bootstrap Scoreboard (SCOREBOARD THAT WORKS WITH OR WITHOUT INFINITY) [created by Badger] – Releases

Bootstrap Scoreboard is among the cleanest scoreboards you should buy to make use of inside FiveM. Itโ€™s integration with Discord is among the cleanest methods to show your gamers in-game while additionally realizing who they’re in Discord.


Cozy Version

FiveM script 96348eb952db9a6e7c5ca5bc6c94d9c8

Full Screen Edition

FiveM script 4d9c17721b42ff7e8ba624c1d1070624


--- Bootstrap-Scoreboard ---
Config = {
	Default_Profile = "", -- Discord Avatar column picture if theirs is not found 
	ScoreboardKey = 27,
	Discord_Not_Found = "Not Found", -- This will display under 'Discord Name' column if their name is not found 
	ServerIcon = "",
	PageSize = 15,
	ServerSlots = 64,


Cozy Version

Full Screen Edition

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