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API Web UI Menu API OPEN BETA v10 Releases

[API] Web UI Menu API [OPEN BETA] v1.0 – Releases


Today I am releasing my Web UI Menu API. It still needs a lot of testing, but I want to do that with some other developers out here :slight_smile:.

The API is made in pure JavaScript, but can be used by every FiveM language since it works with exports!

Documentation is included in the ZIP-File, but feel free to ask stuff here and very important: report bugs!


Text input fields:


Known bugs
  • 03.01.2021: Setting ace for the very first item seems to yeet the whole menu :man_shrugging:
  • Spacers
  • Executors
  • Toggleables
  • Text input fields
  • Submenus
  • Dropdowns

Every item can have ace permissions, the API handles this itself and hides the forbidden items.

Design and position (except header image) can be changed on the fly without even closing the menu.

Web UI Menu API (35.0 KB)
You will find a client_example.js, this was used to create the menu shown in the preview image. You can write your own code in there or create a new file (can also be LUA or C#), just make sure to write it down in the fxmanifest.lua.


Original source:

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