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FiveM script Advanced Inventory Systems Releases

Advanced Inventory Systems – Releases

An innovative and multi-feature inventory system for FiveM

For a limited time, we are offering a hands-on set up of this resource, this includes the migration of item definitions, and stored inventories from ESX, VRP, or whichever framework you are currently using. In the future, this process will be automatic.


  • Physical Items

    • Hold in hands
    • Place on ground
      • Pickup with hotkey
      • Open within proximity
    • Throw (Beta TBC)
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  • Physical Clothing

    • Equippable
    • Contains Inventories
    • Seamless Fit (no glitching through clothing)
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  • Inventory Restrictions

    • Weight
      • All items have a weight value
      • Cannot fit more than defined into inventories
    • Whitelist
      • Allow only certain types of items to fit in inventory
      • IE: Wallet only fits cash and cards
    • Blacklist
      • Disallow certain types of items from inventory
      • IE: Bag cannot fit another bag
  • Sub-Inventories

    • Defined items have inventories. IE:
      • Pizza box
      • Med bag
        • Can only contain medical supplies via Whitelist
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  • Stack Items

    • All stacked items have a unique identifier
    • EG: If you place money from the bank into a users inventory, the police can check the serials
    • FiveM script giphy
  • Advanced Vehicle Inventories

    • Trunk
    • Glovebox
    • Console
    • Seat
      • Only accessible while in the specific seat
    • Video Preview
  • Access Player Inventories
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  • Automatic Inventory Generation

    • Uses a weight rarity system
      • Example:
      • Diamond Necklace: 1
      • Gold Necklace: 5
      • Silver Necklace: 20
      • Steel Necklace: 100
      • There is a 1:125 chance to get a diamond necklace
    • Vending Machines
      • Can spawn coins, dollars, products
    • AI Pedestrians
    • Configurable
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  • Slot Inventories

    • Player
      • Hat
      • Face
      • Eyes
      • Jacket
      • Armor
      • Legs
      • Feet
      • Backpack
      • Hands
    • Guns
      • Barrel
      • Slide
      • Grip
      • Magazine
      • Sight
      • Silencer
    • Configurable
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  • Proximity Inventories

    • Police Armories
    • Medical Closets
    • Home Wardrobes
    • Etc
  • 8650 Pre-Defined Clothing Components

    • 1227 Masks
    • 1090 Pants
    • 872 Bags
    • 907 Shoes
    • 214 Armor
    • 2732 Shirts
    • 1335 Hats
    • 298 Glasses


Our project comes with full customization along with the following features:

  • Keybinds
    • Toggle Inventory Key
    • Place Item Key
  • Use Clothing Inventories
    • If set to false, the player receives a box inventory instead of slots
      • Default 6×5 (configurable)
  • Equip Clothing
    • If set to false, the player will not have the visual clothing, while retaining the inventory style
  • Insert item definitions with an easy to use format
  • Inventory Sizes
  • Slot Placement
    • The ability to choose and select not only the players:
      • Inventory appearance
      • Vertical & horizontal size
  • Style
    • Color
    • Opacity
    • Borders
    • Animations
    • CSS Compatible
  • Events
    • Access
      • Static Inventory
      • Items
      • Slot Inventory
    • Stacks
    • Use Item
    • Equip/Remove item
      • Includes
        • Player
        • Item ID
        • Inventory ID
      • These are defined in the item dictionary
  • Exports
    • Booleans (true/false)
      • Add Item (returns success)
      • Can Fit
      • Remove Item (success)
      • Inventory Has Item
    • JSON Data


  • Included is a shop system that displays the capabilities of the inventory if utilized correctly
  • This system is additional and not tied to the inventory
  • Customization
    • Add Stores
    • Add Items
    • Remove Stores
    • Remove Items
      FiveM script giphy
      FiveM script giphy

This system is currently in beta

  • Some of the UI and visual components are not as smooth as we would like
  • New features, listed at the bottom, have yet to be added
  • A small number of clothing icons are missing and/or require photoshop
  • A small number of the predefined clothing definitions are unfinished
  • Bag images are nonexistent
  • When moving other players items the UI darkens

Upcoming Features

  • Temperature
    • Items inside others will heat, cool based on the environment
    • Food
  • Wetness
    • Clothing
    • Contained Items
    • Watertight Containers
  • Sounds
  • Advanced Store System
  • Advanced Weapon System
  • Thrown Items
  • Inventory Searching
  • Locked Inventories
  • Strap Inventories (weapons on back)
  • Speed Modifiers (when overweight)
  • Pushed Items
  • Attachment Generator
  • More

The package is available for purchase here, it will be delivered to the email provided.

Note: The product is listed at ยฃ49.99, however, the system seems to add a tax for certain countries. If this is the case for you, feel free to contact us and we can get it resolved.

Disclaimer: The system is currently in beta, and there may be some unknown issues/bugs.

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