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FiveM Roleplay Discord Server Template Releases

? FiveM Roleplay Discord Server Template – Releases


I was bored and went ahead and created a discord server template for anyone making a FiveM server out there!

?What Does It Include??

What does it include?

  • Department Roles
  • Staff Roles
  • Management Roles
  • Civilian Roles
  • Donator Role
  • Information Channels, Text Channels And Voice Channels
  • RTO Channels, BCSO Channels, SAHP Channels, LSPD Channels, And SAFR Channels
  • Management and Staff Channels
  • Channel Permissions are pre-setup!
?Channel Screenshots?

Screen capture – 3aaad47011e5a1c055719736d06fb7f5 – Gyazo
Screenshot – 41a1ab8f7355e0e74f61634c38949ccb – Gyazo
Screenshot – c3cbf8e6f954be828aad7aefde7635d3 – Gyazo
Screenshot – c68d16f646dedc1721f89c0ec6feddde – Gyazo
Screenshot – 2493c16be279e67168b4feae8bd6e102 – Gyazo

?Roles Screenshots?

Screenshot – 2d716355b1538ebf012560dbea6577af – Gyazo
Screenshot – a9ebbe721f40093729011d172712f6c9 – Gyazo
Screenshot – 5204b62d3d2a41520e7a489544d9059a – Gyazo
Screenshot – e2f9b98f937d6b8e9452332f91cd92ff – Gyazo
Screenshot – 4c8099798fd6bc8ede7cb5a76189ab40 – Gyazo
Screenshot – 4d3ec8205a839d22859638dad3f1c79a – Gyazo

?Click Me For The Link?

Get The Server Template Here:


Original source:

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