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The best FiveM scripts for your roleplay server

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Nopixel style scripts.

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Why ESX Scripts?

We have the best scripts for Roleplay, freeroam and ESX servers! All our scripts are tested and rated by our team. We offer the best quality and best support.

GTA roleplay scripts

We work with the best scripters to offer the best scripts for the FiveM community!

Amazing support

Our customer support is second to none – users rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.

A lot of products

We have many product categories with a lot of products offered!

FiveM scripts for GTA servers

We offer premium-quality FiveM scripts. If you have a roleplay server on FiveM, those scripts are the best ones. There are many free FiveM scripts, but we offer only the best ones. If you need help, our vendors are always available for best support experience. Make your FiveM ESX server stand out from others!

Real talk from our real customers

Loyal customers, they donโ€™t just come back, they donโ€™t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

“With ESX Scripts, my server began to grow and people saw the quality of it. I’m really proud of my FiveM server because I have unique scripts for it. My roleplay server is now one of the best!!!”


“Every order has been an amazing experience. their site provides lots of detail so I know exactly what I’m getting and their customer support is just outsanding. My FiveM server is now special, not like the other ESX servers


FiveM scripts

Find FiveM scripts for your roleplay server

Michael GTA5

Popular FiveM servers…

Many FiveM roleplay servers use our maps and scripts and profit from our service. For example, a german roleplay server, FiveRP, uses a variety of our famous and good scripts. Make your GTA server stand out from others and start using our premium scripts and maps.

Nopixel style scripts

You can even find nopixel inspired scripts on our shop. You can design a server like Nopixel.

FiveM ESX Scripts

The best scripts and maps

Best support

Problems? We are there to help!

Wide range of products

We have a wide range of products

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