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Famous and popular FiveM servers trust on our services. We are proud to make servers better and keep updating FiveM mods offering on our store. We have talked to a lot of customers and got rating and reviews of our store.

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ESX Scripts is a download shop for FiveM scripts, maps and full servers. We offer mods, scripts, EUP, vehicles, maps, clothes and launchers for FiveM RP servers. Our downloads will make your gta roleplay server better. We support a lot of international, english and EU servers around the world to improve the quality of their servers. We provide full quality support and offer the best sale prices for our FiveM mods.

Find your favorite mods, scripts, maps and tools for your best server – right on our website. If you have any questions regarding our service, let us know!

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We know: Every FiveM mod is tested by our support team before it is accepted on the store.
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The game is for everyone!

The best FiveM mods

We work with the best scripters to offer the best scripts for the 5m community. Our main goal is to improve roleplay servers.

Full support

Our customer support is second to none – users rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.

500+ modifications

We have many product categories with a lot of products offered. And our FiveM mods work.

No encryption!

We do not accept encrypted products on our store. All downloads are fully open source.

Downloads the best. From the best.

Looking for the best FiveM mods and scripts for your roleplay, freeroam or ESX server? All our scripts offered here are tested and rated by our team. Best quality support is guaranteed – as this is or promise.
A script is not working like it should? We will make it work, this is our promise to our loyal customers.

Reviews of our platform

Our FiveM store is trusted by the biggest and best FiveM RP servers globally. Many loyal customers count on us and our GTA FiveM downloads.

Server owner
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Very friendly people in this site. I love it. Nice scripts and maps. Recommended!
from Nopixel
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I have seen many scripts around the web. Most really suck… But on ESX Scripts I found some scripting shit even for our NoPixel server. Thanks ESX!
Server owner
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"With ESX Scripts, my server began to grow and people saw the quality of it. I'm really proud of my server because I have unique scripts for it. My roleplay server is now one of the best!!!"
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"Every order has been an amazing experience on this FiveM store. Their site provides lots of detail so I know exactly what I'm getting and their customer support is just outstanding. My project is now special, not like the other ESX servers"
Server owner
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"Thanks to the refund guarantee I know that everything will work as it should, otherwise I can refund easily. The support is great"
Marcel S.
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I am surprised that the support was able to help me with an issue that did not even matter my purchase. Thanks so much to Niko for the fast help!

Why trust us?

Our site offers the best FiveM marketplace you can find. We offer only premium-quality downloads. Our mission is to deliver the best quality for your server! Check out our downloads here! There are many free scripts available in forums, but we offer only the best ones. If you need help, our vendors are always available for best support experience. All our items are optimized for roleplay and freeroam servers. We guarantee premium quality because we check all our products that are uploaded to our FiveM store. Nothing is encrypted. Beside scripts and maps, we offer installation service & full service support! Make your server better than others!

Problem with a script? Our support team will help you. If we do not come to a solution, we kindly offer a refund option.

Frequently asked questions about the store

Yes. All updates are free and included. If a script has an update, you will get notified via E-Mail to download it.

We will help you to make it work. If your server is incompatible or the script does simply not work on your machine, we have a refund policy.

Most common on Checkout: Cedit/Debit card, Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge).
We also offer to submit Paysafecard or Amazon EUR gift cards or PayPal (via Chat).

No. ESX-Scripts is a legitimate FiveM store. All the downloads, which are provided by sellers, are manually checked and verified by our expert team. We also offer a refund policy to ensure safety and protection of a customer if FiveM scripts are purchased.

It is easy to install our packages offered on our shop. If you want to know how to install them, follow this tutorial.

FiveM server hosting

Get a server and become admin of your own island. Start today!

Best roleplay experience for your players

Many roleplay servers already use our maps and scripts and profit from our service. Make your GTA server stand out from others and start to grow your RP community today. Our service is world-wide and 24/7.

Nopixel scripts

Do you wish to create a server like Nopixel? You can even find nopixel scripts here. You can design a server like the famous Nopixel by koil. Are you looking for FiveM scripts that fit your roleplay server? All mods here are tested and reviewed by our support team to ensure the best quality. And if something does not work as it should: We are there to help!


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